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Realized at: 31st, March 2015
(Answers by Sergio - Guitars & Dan - Guitars/vocals)

"Everyone should just be open to everything, and not want to kill each other for believing in the wrong God."

1. How would you characterize the development of your band during this 3 years? What are your greatest achievements and downfalls?

Sergio: Dan, you take this.

Dan: Development of the band has been great! We've gone from a shitty black metal band to something bigger, writing songs restrained to no genre, we keep things organic and go where we want to go. We got to do an EP last June, Nothing Into Everything, and it was a fun expierience, now we are doing our first album which is a huge expierience. Really loving recording with the group of guys helpin us out.


2. You have defined your style as groove/death metal. How have you developed a sound that is all yours? What influences have been the most important to you guys?

Dan: We actually didn't define that. Someone on Metal archives did that, I dont know why. haha. Now we play it as a joke. We are Metal, call us what you will, we are fuckin metal. Canadian Metal, if you will. Our influences are everywhere, I won't speak for the rest of the guys, but I listen to everything. Led Zeppelin are the Gods, Dimebag, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Maiden, and Emperor really got me into guitar. Now I get inlfuenced by heavier shit; Carnifex, Mysidia, Infant Annihilator becuase theyre fucking hilarious, Allegaeon, Behemoth, Fragile Existence, Death, Down, Feared, the list goes on, man.

Sergio: I wouldn't define our sound as Groove/Death metal, we were labelled that. We're a mix all sorts of genres, specifically extreme metal. There's elements of mostly Death and Black Metal to be exact. We all have different influences. For me, I'm influenced but Death, Slayer, Metallica, even classic rock bands like Pink Floyd or Punk Rock bands.

3. How do you conceive of a song: do you start with a riff, an abstract idea, an emotion, or a structure?

Sergio: We usually bring in a song that we've been writing for awhile. I would record a song idea and send it to the other members, or send tabs. When we're rehearsing the songs as a group, sometimes we change structures, add in or take away riff ideas.

Dan: Usually, Serg or I will have a full song written on our own. Then at practice we all throw our input in. And thats where it changes a lot. Because we got 3 other guys who love all kinds of writing, puting their mojo into it. Emotion, Abstraction, structure, all comes into play with it. Depends on the day, alcohol intake, and flow of mojo at the time.

4. Could you tell us more about the metal scene in Ontario? Is this a quite good state on a metal point of view

Dan: Y'know, man, it's weird. Toronto has got the bands, but the fans are hard to get. I have heard Oshawa is huge for metal, same as London, Stratford. I'm not sure about much of Ontario. Montreal is killer, out west has a lot. It's a big country man.

Sergio: . I feel like there isn't a lot of support for local shows or bands. Once there's a big show with big metal bands, then everyone shows up. There's some big shows for some local bands, but it feels like it's been dying down. I could be wrong.

5. I remember a time when you just had to release an album and people would be interested. How do you best promote a band today in order to get people to listen to you and not chose another band?

Dan: You've gotta be a beast on stage. People talk about crazy shit. If you can play awesome music and look like a beast, possessed by something fucked up, you're going to get fans. Good music too. haha, can't get fans writing shitty music, well,  the pop scene is an exception I guess, haha.

Sergio: It's mostly about releasing an EP, and a music video. Most likely those lyric music videos. It all has to be free as well, like album streaming online.

6. Recently I’ve discovered a whole new side to the Canadian metal scene not known to me before. With the strange population density that is Canada how do you go about building a metal scene and attain followers?

Sergio: There isn't a lot of community bonding in Toronto as other cities in Canada. There's a bunch of bands that play here, some good some bad. I'm sure if you go to other cities, they'll be luck to have a band play, so those shows might do well because it's what people want, and they don't get a lot of it. The best way to build a scene is just promoter and connect with other local bands. And probably a lot of free shows.

Dan: Good music, accesible music, cheap music, lots of shows. And be accesible; Drink with the fans, fart, shit, piss, and be with the fans. But that's everywhere, y'know. People in Canada like to throwdown and rage just like everywhere else. We just kick in Canada style y'know? Colder, and drunker.

7. With cities like Toronto and Montreal on one side and Vancouver and Edmonton on the other you have pretty strong metal scenes but there are tons of small tons in-between that are starving for metal. Are these places just as important in reaching when you tour?

Sergio: We have to entertain everyone we can. Everyone's just as important to us, they're fellow metal music lovers.

Greg: Yes.

Dan: Yeah man, everywhere is important. Behemoth got big by touring northern Canada all the time. So there ya have it. East coast has a lot too. Nothing huge yet, but I know some of the bands coming out from there, and look out. Deadgaard (Newfoundland), ex Weapon members, and Persisting Absolution (Nova Scotia) are played on my phone a lot. I'm  friends with the bassist of Persisting Absolution, and she can play a mean bass. Grab their album, man. It's free!

8. Over the years death metal has evolved to be not just one specific sound. Is there any specific death metal sound that means more to you than the other?

Sergio: For me personally, I love old school bands, not too much on the technically side, even though I do enjoy some progressive death metal as well.

Dan: I love the old stuff by Possessed, but this new stuff coming out is huge. Bass is making a return from being a "easy instrument" to being a new lead instrument. Which I really dig. Beyond Creation, Augury, Job For  a Cowboy, they're really carving a new side to it. Just the right amount of breakdown from Carnifex is awesome too.

9. Are there any certain religious or philosophical beliefs within the band?

Sergio: I'm atheist, but I do appreciate the philosophies of other religions. I don't want to disrespect or make someone less of a person for believing in something. Everyone should just be open to everything, and not want to kill each other for believing in the wrong God.

Dan: Zeppelin is my religion, man. And my religion has 4 Gods and a son of a God who can play drums like his old man. Hahaha. I really love philosophy. Jean Paul Sartre captured me, his one quote is on our EP, it really opens your eye's upon, "is there a God?" and "Where is he?" and is he good or bad. Religion does play a good part in my philosophical views. It was my favorite class in High School, when I actually went to it, hahah. I know Greg is religious, it's cool the lyrics we both write together. Not even about religion, but he definetly writes with the Christian philosophies. And it's really cool sending lyrics back and fourth. We have a good time appreciating eachothers views and philosophies. It's art.

10. Well, that would be all for the moment...thanks very much for your time. If you have anything to add in the end to conclude this interview.

Sergio: Everyone should listen to Kazupathory! And invite us to play wherever you are!

Dan: Drink lots of beer. Copious amounts. Just, tons. Just keep drinking it. And remember, you're not an alcoholic to bring a beer in the shower, you're a smart man who deserves that shower beer. Also, like us on facebook and grab the EP for free, and stay tuned for our bitchin new album!

Cheers man

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