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Realized at: 10th, April 2014
(Answers by Nico - Guitars & Evandro - Vocals.)

"Kaapora is actually a word from the tupí-guaraní language, an old brazilian native language, and means something like, “somebody or something which lives in the woods”. This word inspired several folkloric characters in the Brazilian culture. One of these is the “Caipora” which rides a wild boar to protect the forest and animals against hunters and so on."

1. Let´s start things off with the story about your past as a metal musician. How and when did you first get into this music?

Nico: first time I really started listening to metal stuff was when I joined Viu Drakh, a former German death metal band. I was 20 years old. Until then I listened to (german) Punk and Punk `n` Roll stuff. When I get the offer to play in Viu Drakh, I was a little punk with no idea of playin heavy metal guitar. But I learned a lot and now I look back of touring and drinking with Vikings and Satanists, haha. Was great to change the direction. 

2. Some of you have previously played in bands such as: Necroterio (Brazil), Korades, Viu Drakh. I would like to turn back and remember one positive and one negative moment of these careers.

Nico: As I said, it was great to change the direction. That doesn’t mean that i disliked punkrock from this point on, but it changed my view to heavy guitar music. I listened to “Rawside”, “Slime” and other german Punkbands. And i also  liked “The Hellacopters”, “The Bones”, “Turbonegro”, “The Exploited” and so on. But “Driller Killer” changed my life…so the first tour with “Korades”(ex “Viu Drakh”) and Driller Killer was like a rocket in my pants, haha. I heard a bit about crust punk, grind and other hard stuff…but simply I wasn’t really hooked in this kind of music… until we covered some Doom and Napalm Death songs in the rehearselroom.  Anyway, this tour opened a view to me I never had before. That was the positive side of this short career…the negative side was that Korades quit…so I had to start Kaapora together with Evandro, who was also in Korades for some time…but there`s another good side…Bernd Korades is still a good friend of mine and maybe we`ll record some new Korades stuff in the future…but that’s a secret^^
3. How would you characterize the development of KAAPORA during the last 3 years? What are your greatest achievements and downfalls?

Nico: The greatest achievement was the realization of our first album “distainer” and the following tour in 2013. We had great reviews here in Europe and also in brazil, where Evandro was born and used to live before he moved over here to germany. For example we had a great review in the brazilian “Roadie Crew” magazine and cool reviews in other fanzines like the “Metal Horde Zine” from Portugal and the Twilight and G.U.C. in germany. Otherwise in the end of 2013 our drummer Gerni left the band…this was the greatest downfall so far! But also a new beginning with the new man on drums. He`s called Henne. With him we started writing new songs nowadays. His influence and a bit different drumstyle, his fresh ideas are an unexpected way to move forward! We have a lot of fun so far. First shows for 2014 in germany and italy are confirmed.

4. What stands behind the KAAPORA name? Is there any special meaning behind it? How would you describe Kaapora as a whole?

Evandro: Kaapora is actually a word from the tupí-guaraní language, an old brazilian native language, and means something like, “somebody or something which lives in the woods”. This word inspired several folkloric characters in the Brazilian culture. One of these is the “Caipora” which rides a wild boar to protect the forest and animals against hunters and so on. There are a lot of stories about that spirit, and I thought maybe the name could fit also paradoxically to our present days.

Nico: Kaapora as a whole is a good working grind machine…we sell punkrock as heavy metal, hehe!

5. - Speaking of your debut album “Distainer”, tell us something more about it, where it was recorded, mixed and mastered? Did the final product surpass your expectations?

Nico: we recorded all the songs you can hear on the album completely d.i.y. in our rehearselroom. Gerni mixed all the stuff on his own with a little help from Patrick W. Engel??? Who finally mastered the album. After we heard our shit first time when it was mastered, we were completely satisfied with what he did made out of this simply recorded songs!

6. Talking about shows, How would you describe Kaapora live? Do you have serious opportunities for live shows in your area?

Nico: First, when we started it was clear that the first Kaapora show has to take place in our home town…we had no other possibilities…simply. But we soon realized that we want to go further… so we faced the plan to go outside of germany. Evandro arranged a europeen tour for Necroterio from out of brazil… so that seems to be no problem, we thought. And so we did a first tour outside of and in germany with Kaapora. 
Kaapora live feels like everything I ever want to do on stage. We deal nothing big together in our sparetime. But on tour, or in the rehearselroom it feels like a family to me. It works, and that’s all that counts. Same with the new man on drums…we really like each other but everybody has it`s own life and things to do. But Kaapora fits all together! That’s how it feels to me, on stage.

7. Pick a song from the album "Distainer", that you feel to be the most interesting lyrically, musically or having a good story about it and tell me about it.

Evandro: I try to write about subjects, which are relevant to me and to the people who are interested to read our lyrics. I do not limit myself to a certain type of theme and I get my influences in the most different ways to write a lyric. The composition of “Servi contenti non sunt” started in a Latin class at the university. It was like a typical learning sentence, as “the book is on the table” when you are learning English, but it sounded really strong to my ears. So I decided to write one song with this phrase. It talks about the most different types of slavery, from the old-school type, as the slaves got whipped by their owners, until nowadays, when we are kind of forced to do things we do not want just to survive, follow conventions or adapt ourselves to diverse situations in this modern society. The first step to break free from any kind of slavery is to show your discontentment, but the most of the times the “slaves” are discontented and nevertheless  they keep their selves in the “slavery” doing the same things as always.

“The day I left the dust” is a really personal lyric for me, but I think it fits for other people too. I talk about a really depressive period of my life. One day I found out, that to seat in my dark room having pity about my own misery wouldn´t change anything. “Opinion maker” is an alert about the media. You shouldn´t just believe in everything you read, see or hear. There are a lot of interests, influences, intentions or whatever behind the news. “Dogma´s Cage” talks about my difficulty to get rid of my religious dogmas. I was raised in a catholic country, and despite I have discovered I don´t believe in any kind of god or religion when I was 13, there are still dogmas nailed to my personality, which keeps influencing me in my decisions or making me judging people.

8. What are some of your interests, occupations and hobbies outside of composing sick

Nico: Outside of the rehearselroom Giant and me are working as local hands for guys like AC/DC, Depeche Mode, Alice Cooper etc.. Giant has his own location where he organizes grind, punk and other concerts. As you see, work is our hobby, hehe. So Giants interests are mixin live music, organizing shows and drinking beer. Henne is also the drummer in a german band named “DesTeufels”, Evandro is still working with Necroterio. I still have some german punk projects and also we like playing computer games and drinking beer.

9. You recorded your debut album, back in 2012, so I’m guessing you’ve come a bit since. How’s the writing process going, any plans so far for next recording session?

Nico: As I said, right now we composed 4 new tracks which we rehearse at the moment. We plan to put out these tracks on a split together with “Six Score” from Austria. While the working process we have written some more riffs and I think soon we`ll have enough songs for a new complete album. So everything is fine so far. We`ll release all the stuff on our own, `cause we have no label so far which is interested in our work. So we`ll do it d.i.y. as we did until now.

10. What would you consider the hardest part about playing in an Underground band?

Nico: First, when we started up with Kaapora, it was hard to find gigs. We started in the squad where we use to rehearse and we definitely wanted to go out of or our homebase. so we planed a little tour in and around germany. We started to contact some friends, bands and local promoters we knew from earlier days. Then the first tour happened in feb. 2013. A highlight was to open a show for “Lock up” in Basel. But also the rest of the tour was very intensive, expressive and a journey to our minds. A full succsess. We earned 10 euro after all, haha. But better then to lost some money. Great tour! We played Austria, the Netherlands, Swiss and Germany.  Later this year we toured once more in Germany and the Netherlands. But in the Netherlands the organizer of the small festival we played fled and we didn’t get any money. This is the bad side of our experience. But we always met great people and get different views of life and that’s very important for me personally. This years  first show will be in Italy. So, our dreams came true… the plan is to capture brazil, Evandros homeland, one day. A tour to bring back our music to his home where he once started.

11. - Well, that would be all for the moment...thanks very much for your time. If you have anything to add in the end to conclude this interview.

Nico: At first a big thx to you! For your interest and patience! the last words should be dedicated to Kralle from TRIO, he died last days. We want to send a big cheers to the other side, he was a hero of our youth! R.I.P.  DADADA!

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