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Date: 12nd, April 2013
(Answers by Anthony Allen - Guitars )

INOCULATION is a band coming from Ohio, they perform death metal and their main lyric topics are based on UFOs, aliens, ancient cultures...etc. Definitely one matter to get a deeper a conversation about . They also have a recently released demo. Lets read what they have to tell us. 

1. Hails Anthony, first of all please tell us about you and the role you play into the band.
Hey man, well... my band is Inoculation we are a death metal band from the Northeast Ohio area and I play guitar.

2. It has passed already 2 years Since your inception in 2011 and you`ve already released 2 demos. Tell us a bit about the early days of INOCULATION and any difficulties you found in establishing yourselves in the metal scene.
Yeah we actually started in the fall of 2010 but played our first show in 2011. We just immediatly started trying to play as many shows as possible and trying to get our name out there in any way possible. We had a bit of trouble getting our lineup all situated. Im actually the only original member that has lasted from our first show. People seemed to take to us really well when we started gigging, the younger kids seemed to like us and the older guys dig us cause we play a really old school sound.

3. At my first impression I can notice your concept is mainly based on cosmic and ancient culture elements, including some clear elements referring to aliens and UFOs. What can you tell us about this matter and from where comes your interest in such things?
Hahaha yes, that is one of our main lyrical themes. It really has been with me for a while, Ive always just been interested in the outer space and I think there is so much unknown out there its just always interested me. Im always reading books about alien encounters and different accounts. Just something that really interests me and my vocalist brandon so thats what we write about.

4. The first time I listened the songs from your latest demo "Elysium" I had a very good impresion, due your pretty solid sound, a perfect song structure and technical skills. Are you completely satisfied with all the songs on it? How has been the response from the Underground media and fans until now?
Thanks man! Im glad you liked it. Well Im never gonna be completely satisfied, theres always stuff that I hear and think that could be better or whatever, cause Im my worst critic. But overall Im really happy with how it came out. I love all the songs and really think it came out well. Weve had a good response from the first couple weeks, people have been buying them and have heard a bunch of good review from people. The media has been cool to Ive been finding random sites in Russia that are talking about it which is cool and were gonna be sending it out to some zines in Europe to get reviewed so thats cool.

5. Talking about technical skills. Are you a self-learner, or do you have some musical education? Do you think that musical education is important, when creating, or playing music? Or both?
Im a mix of both, I started out taking lessons for two years learning alot of blues stuff and the basics, then I went off on my own for about 3 or 4 years and learned my own stuff. But then I found someone in the music scene that I really respected and took some lessons from him for a little bit to get my chops up. I also studied jazz guitar at kent state and have taken theory classes. But with that being said I really dont apply alot of theory to my writing I just kinda mess around and riff and see what I like. I think learning the theory side of music is not required but it deffidtly doesnt hurt your playing.

6. This CD has a real old feeling to it. Was there a particular goal or sound you were aiming for when you went to record or was it just whatever happened ?
We kinda just went with a whatever happened vibe. We just tried to go into the studio and pull out the best drum, bass, guitar and vocal sounds. We kinda split with our influences we love love the old school death metal scene but at the same time were also way into the new stuff. So we try to get a blend of that sound.

7. What is Death Metal for you ? What Death Metal bands do you like and how do you consider the new Death Metal generation ?
Death metal to me is shits that fucking heavy and evil, I love the new generation of death metal theres some awesome new bands like Rivers Of Nihil, Kamikabe, Inanimate Existence, Gorod, Spawn Of Possesion the list goes on. But I started out and still listen to all the classics like , Death, Deicide, Gorguts, Entombed, Obituary, Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse all the good shit.

8. Nowadays there are many, not only death metal bands, trying to copy more famous ones. Somehow it seems like the genre has lost its edge. What do you think about this situation? Do you see an exit from this never-ending trend of cloning?
Yeah I know what you mean, it definitely happens to alot of bands, but you just kinda got to filter out those bands and find the good ones that have a unique style and sound. I personally listen to almost all types of music so when I write Im not only drawing influence from metal bands but from jazz, classic rock, prog, pop whatever it is.

9. You are all quite young. How did you came across with death metal? And what made you decide to take a step towards a band creation?
Yeah we are except for our drummer hahaha the wise man in the group whose 31, he keeps all of us young guns in line. Ive just always been in bands ever since I first got a guitar. so playing in a band has just always been a part of my life. It just eventually turned into a death metal band.

10. Was it clear for you right from the start that the result definitely had to be Death Metal? What is so fascinating for you about this musical genre?
Yeah once I discovered death metal it was very clear to me that death metal was what I wanted to play. Theres just so much you can do with death metal and you can incorporate so many different styles of music into it, theres just alot of room to grow with it. And its just brutal and makes me wanna destroy shit hahaha

11. America's death metal scene is quite big and has a lot of many great bands. Do you think that the fact you are coming from there is an obstacle to get recognized over this inmense sea of bands?
Yeah it is an obstacle there are so many bands out there now, and so many quality bands. I guess you just gotta hope people dig the music that your creating. but death metal fans are some of the most passionate fans around so they always have time for new bands, at least for me Im always pumped to hear about a new group.

12. Talking back about your latest demo, I am very curious about the drawing in the frontcover, who made it and whats the "special" meaning behind these kind of dinosaur aliens and the background?
My cousin Matt Horak drew our art he has done all of our art to date, he is great with all the alien shit. But the EP art from elysium is based around the song pyramids of elysium which is about a group of astronauts that go to mars to explore the elysium fields and the mountains in that area, when they are encounter a reptilian race of aliens that takes them in.

13. lets talk about your live performances, What do you usually expect from the audience on concerts? Is there anything special you really your fans to do?
We like violence, violence, and more violence. The more the crowd fucks shit up the more I get into it. Usually people get pretty rowdy at our shows. We encourge it.

14. Do you have a solid fan base in Ohio?
Yeah I like do think we do, we always have a group of people that will always come out to see us and get rowdy at our shows.

15. What do you think about video clips? Would you like to do one for INOCULATION in the future?
Yes were actually talking about doing a video in the next couple months, I think its a great way to put your music. I know I love watching videos of bands, watching them shred and shit.

16. Can you explain the method of songwriting employed by INOCULATION? Is the writing process generally collective or does one member often craft the song on his own?
Its collective, usually either me or Dave come to practice with a riff and then we just hash it out in the jam room and work on it together until we get it done, and as far as the lyrics usually either me or Brandon start a lyrical concept and then we help eachother match it to the song, or Brandon just writes the lyrics himself.

17. No more questions my friend. Just thanks for your time and good luck for your future plans. Closing is yours
Thanks man! thanks for the oppurtunity to do the interview!


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