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Realized at: 14th, January 2014
(Answers by Adam  - Guitars/Vocals)

"I think creativity is the key word here, because it has never been our intention to stick to a single sub-genre of metal. We simply let our creativity flow, and then see if it works out. I think that is what makes our band a pleasure to play in; everyone is musically open-minded...."

1. Since your inception in 2010 you have not released anything except for a 5 track EP in 2013. How would you describe the development of the band in this 3 years of existence?

In a single word: slow.

There have been many complications over the years, first and foremost regarding band members. Adam is the only member that has remained since the beginning, and I guess you could say that the band started as his project.

At first the band was not that serious, still learning our instruments and playing a few Amon Amarth and Hypocrisy covers. We had trouble finding members that had the same taste in music and the same motivation to evolve musically. After a while, Adam grew tired of searching for a reliable vocalist so he picked up the art of growling himself (which made sense since he writes all the lyrics).

The true revelation came when Erik, our second guitarist, decided to join the band after he saw us live with just one guitar (maybe he saw the potential we all did, maybe he took pity on us). At this point we felt ready to record something serious, so we experimented with different home studios and borrowed an old mixer board. It turns out that we sucked at playing sound engineers. Not long after, Isac (our bass player since the beginning) decided to leave the band. This lowered morale considerably, and it felt hopeless. However, Martin (our current bass player) quickly responded to our pleas and joined the band, completing the line-up we still have today. And not shortly after Martin joined, our friends in the black metal band Mephorash gave us the number to Lars Hultman, the guy who recorded their album Chalice of Thagirion. Soon our EP was finished.

All in all, I’d say that we, as a band, never have been more ready than now. Progress has been slow, but now we have reached the point where we can finally relax and just focus on the music. 

2. One remarkable aspect of your compositions is the length. Most of your songs are over 6 minutes. Could you explain us a little about the composition/writing process into the band?

For me (Adam) the most crucial point of composing is having a concept to work with. It usually starts off with visualizing and thinking about something, and then playing around with a few riffs until I feel they fit the theme. I then write down all the riffs in a Guitar Pro-file so I can remember them, experiment with harmonies and send them to the rest of the band for feedback. When I feel I have reached the point where I have enough riffs, I try to piece them together in way that makes sense. Usually, this means having to sacrifice a few riffs you are fond of because they feel out of place. Kill your darlings, as they say.

When the process of piecing everything together is finished, the song usually turns out longer than first expected. This seems to happen every time I write a song, and they only seem to get longer. 

3. You have molded your style into several different sources: black, melodic death, epic, and even some majestic doom passages. How would you describe INCISED as a whole in a matter of creativity?

I think creativity is the key word here, because it has never been our intention to stick to a single sub-genre of metal. We simply let our creativity flow, and then see if it works out. I think that is what makes our band a pleasure to play in; everyone is musically open-minded. For me, the most exciting part is mixing all our different influences together and creating something we can call our own. I think this will come across more on our next release.

I guess you could say that we first and foremost write the songs for ourselves, and if anyone else likes them it’s just a big bonus.

4. Have you been writing new songs lately? What should we expect for a next debut album from the band? Any advancec plans on this?

We are actually just finishing the song writing process for our next release. I still have some lyrics to write and we have to master the songs more thoroughly before we enter the studio, but other than that everything is finished.

This release will most likely be a full-length album, containing around seven songs of varying length (mostly long songs).

As mentioned earlier, I think you can expect to see a more evolved and creative Incised, while still keeping true to our earlier stuff. Some of the stuff will be our fastest, most black metal to date, while also featuring our slowest song to date.

5. Do you have serious opportunities for live shows in your town? What are the most memorable shows that you played?

Most of our members live in rural areas where music venues don’t really exist, but our drummer Samuel lives in the city of Uppsala, where we have played most of our shows to date. We have an upcoming show in Stockholm that we are all really excited about, probably our biggest show yet, featuring our friends in Mephorash and the Russian band Todestriebe.

The most memorable show so far was our last one, I think. It took place in a small venue in Uppsala, and people actually showed up just to hear us, which made us really happy. Some of them even sang along. That made us proud. 

6. Pick a song from "Descending Winters" that you feel to be the most interesting lyrically, musically or having a good story about it and tell me about it.

The most interesting songs to me are Nephilim and Beyond the Veil. I will select Beyond the Veil here and tell you more about Nephilim in the other question regarding that song.

With Beyond the Veil I wanted to create a melodic black metal song, inspired by bands like Vinterland and Dissection. I wanted to capture that beautiful, winter-like feeling common in that genre. For me, the song is probably the best song on the EP and one of my strongest compositions from beginning to end. I’m proud of every riff and the lyrics are decent as well.

For me, the lyrics are about leaving everything behind; it’s about not placing any value in all the different thoughts and preconceived notions of the surrounding world. It’s about keeping an open mind and not accepting any destiny you do not want. In a way, it is also a spiritual song that encourages exploration of the unknown, whatever might come of it.

7. Are there any certain religious or philosophical beliefs within the band?

I guess I kind of touched on that in the previous question, but as a whole band there is no single philosophy or religion that we follow. Everyone has philosophical thoughts, but we don’t want to limit ourselves by just adopting a single belief system.

8. “Nephilim” is definitely one of my favorite INCISED songs, very powerful, robust, and with perfect riffs and melodies. Which was your inspiration at the moment you composed this tune?

Thank you! We’re glad you like it.

The whole creation process started when I played a riff from one of our old songs totally wrong, but thought it sounded kind of cool. This later became the first riff in Nephilim. However, I did have a concept for a song that I wanted to use. I had done quite a lot of reading and documentary-watching about conspiracy theories, the bible and the Sumerians. Somehow it just clicked with the riff I had accidentally written, and the rest of the song almost wrote itself.

The lyrics in the song explore the possibility that the Annunaki from the Sumerian myths, the Nephilim from the bible (which is based on the Sumerian creation myth, by the way) and the reptilian beings found in modern conspiracy theory and in many other ancient cultures (Nagas in India, Chitauli in Africa) are the same beings. The song also explores the possibility of them controlling the world through possession of the ruling elite from ancient times to modern, and the possibility of them having left the planet and that they will make a return (something also mentioned in ancient texts).

So the song basically explores all the various sides to the story, and does not make any assumptions or claims.

9. Well, I would like to finish this interview asking about your near future plans.

Right now the number one priority is getting all the songs ready for the studio and to make a kickass album! We’ve also got a gig in Uppsala the 24th of January and a gig in Stockholm in March.

Thanks for the interview!

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