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Realized at: 30th, April 2015
(Answers by Franky - vocals)

"A great band means not to be successful and rich or whatever. For me a great band means to have the right attitude."

1. Let´s start things off with the story about your past as  a metal musician. How and when did you first get into this music?
We all got in touch with metal music in our early childhood in different ways like our friends, parents, television...
Whatever. To tell all these stories could become boring in the end. But everyone of us knew that Metal is not only a kind of music. It's more like a passion. And according to this passion we realized that this is a kind of valve to express ourselves and our emotions by playing specific riffs, hitting the drums or just writing lyrics. Metal is not really wide spread among kids in our area and at first you think you are alone between all those pop music pussies. But then you meet other kids who feel the same like you and you get connected to a kind of a second family. These early experiences lead us up to start our first bands and continue our way until today.

2. Who came up with the band's name HAVOC, the logo and everything? Does was not a problem for you since there is already some other bands with the same monicker?
After we decided to start a band we first didn't think about a name. We thought it was more important to get some songs finished, which were nameless as well up to this point. But a couple of weeks later every one of us had some ideas for a name. Bussi came up with "Harmonic Havoc". We discussed a bit and agreed that we need a name which consists of only one word. So we decided to delete "Harmonic" and to call us just Havoc. At this time nobody knew another band with this name. And in fact we don't really care about this. There are so many other bands with already used monickers. So later we thought: "Ok, there are a lot of bands called Havoc. Let's be the best of them!" The logo had been developed only a few weeks later. Flo came with the first ideas and one of them contained the chaos star for the o. I just worked it out and then we got our logo. We thought chaos was the best way to describe the sound we had during our first rehearsals.

3. You have a first full lenght released in 2011. Could you tell me something about the process of making these songs? What kind of composing is more congenial and inspirative for you?
Some of these songs like "Utopia", "Yesterday's Question",  "Distance Of Closeness" or "S.M.D" had been written by Holzi before we started the band. So the rest just had to learn these songs and add some details. "First Rage" was an idea of Bussi. We already started the recording sessions and he came up with this song. We played it only four or five times in our rehearsal room before we started to record it. Of course the final result differs from Bussi's first idea, but I think it evolved to one of the highlights of the album. 
Meanwhile the creative process changed a bit. Now we start our rehearsals with some new riff ideas from Flo and Bussi. We try to play it together and combine it with ideas from the rest. It's similar to a puzzle which gets completed step by step. And everyone adds his own parts. We never know before what will happen and how long it will take until a new song is born. But the result is always pure Havoc. 

4. Pick a song from these album, that you feel to be the most interesting lyrically, musically or having a good story about it and tell me about it.
I would pick out "In The Name Of God". We never wrote a song that fast. I still remember the rehearsal. I think it was in May 2010. We were just about to leave when Flo played the verse riff. We heard it and said "Hey, do that again!". Some minutes later Bussi had the riff for the chorus. After about 25 minutes the whole song structure had been completed. When I came home I saw the news and one of the main topics was a priest who abused the children he had to care about. At the same evening I completed the lyrics for the song which deal with this topic. If all our songs could be written as fast as this one we probably had recorded at least four more albums yet! If we had left only five minutes earlier that day, this song probably would have never been written. And it's still one of our favorites!

5. How would you describe HAVOC live? Do you have serious opportunities for live shows in your area?
Live Havoc is a strong unity. We all love the feeling to be on stage. And it doesn't matter if we play in front of 10 or 300 people. We always give 100%! For all of us a Havoc show is diaphoretic and neck breaking and we try to carry these emotions over to our crowd. We don't think too much about a show. We just go on stage and let it flow.
Honestly there are not so many opportunities to play live in our area. But when we have the possibility to play it's always great for us to see, how many people around like to see us. You have to know that our hometown is really small. And the few people living there are more into techno and such a crap. 
At the moment we are trying to get a chance to play in the next big cities like Hamburg or Berlin. There you find really vivid metal scenes. But in fact it's not easy to establish ourselves there. Both cities have so many great bands that one more little band won't get into somebody's attention. But we don't give up and hope to make it someday.

6. Have you started to work on new material yet? How does it sound? Any major development since „First rage"? 
Of course we have. We already have a couple of new songs which could be recorded for a new album. We are still working on further new ideas. But I'm really confident that there will be something new from us soon. The new songs are a little faster than the stuff we did before and we take more care about the details within our songs. Basically it's the next step of the evolution every band does after playing together for some years. But as I said before: Even we don't know where our way will lead us to. We are pretty excited how a new record would sound. The major development since "First Rage" may be the fact that we now know how we want to sound like and we also know what we are able to do. When you listen to "First Rage" intently you will recognize that we were still searching  for our style. If you ask us now, we would say, that we found ourselves and our musical alignment. And of course we hope that everyone will share this opinion. 

7. How would you describe HAVOC as a whole? What is that vital ingredient that separates a good band from a great one?
Havoc is a band of five strong individuals with different influences. And we try to combine all these five individual characters and influences to one strong unity. Interpersonal and musically. The deep friendship among us and the fact that we are all focused on the same goals makes it easy to go on over the years. And I think this is what we show when go on stage and play. We don't want the crowd to see five guys doing a job. We want them to see five brothers celebrating the biggest thing in life. And that’s exactly what separates a good band from a great one. A great band means not to be successful and rich or whatever. For me a great band means to have the right attitude.

8. What are some of your interests, occupations and hobbies outside of composing metal

I think there are no special interests besides the music. We all love it to go on festivals, concerts and everything like that. We have our jobs which demand a lot of time. There's not much left to have special hobbies which are not connected with music anyway.

9. Alright, we’ve come to an end. Do you have any final thoughts? Thank you for your time…
Thanks for your interest! We hope we could reach some of your readers with our songs. And of course it's an honor for us to be part on your sampler. It's always great to see that there are still idealists who are living and breathing metal. Thanks a lot and take care!
I hope everything is clear so far. If you got further questions just contact me. 
Then you asked for the dropbox link to our songs. Here it is: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/iqvqequ0swhujsy/AADc03pAKfV8UuuGpUOR0QBqa?dl=0

Thank you so much for your support!  Best regards 


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