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Fecha/Date: 16.04.2010

1. Finally after seven years of unrelease any material you becomes with your latest work RITUAL IV which is a sample of your new musical direction and upcoming official album. Which was the reason for this relative period of inactivity? 

Musical direction of a new material is extreme as it has always been and this time we really made the best that we could create so far. We combined some new aspects to our music which we used before also but this time we made a perfect combination of a death/black metal at its best i dare to say. Together with that we added some old metal riffs but also some new and modern sounds even some industrial parts.Songs that could describe us the best at the moment are the two songs released on our promo cd for the upcoming album Ritual IV and those are "Devil speaks" and "One with us". With those two songs we achived what i think we were searching for and that is our own sound if i can say so. We were active during the last 6 years only not so much live.We decided to dedicate ourselves completly to the great work on the new songs which were to represent a new era of the band since all of the old members departed and i was the only one left from the original line up.I gathered new souls for this purpose only and needless to say we had lot of problems also during the recording period with almoust all the aspects that you can imagine and that was the main reason for recording it for such a long period of time but we do not regret for a single minute spent.

2 .I would also like to know about your newest deal with CASKET MUSIC RECORDS in order to release your debut album, how did they happen and what are your expectations for this new era on your musical carrer? 

Yes,we signed a contract very recently for the U.K.CASKET MUSIC RECORDS for the world wide distribution with our debut album "RITUAL IV".The reason for getting this deal is our Management agency from Germany, HEAVY SPACE AGENCY ( RE-ARMED, AGATHODAIMON, ETERNAL TEARS OF SORROW, SEMARGL),only to mention the few bands that they are working with.They are working on our behalf and we are very satisfied with their work for us and everything that they did for us so far.

Plan is world domination, first in europe then in the rest of the world.Album comes out somwhere in the end of the summer 2010.Also new video will be recorded soon after, for this year we will play only one show on METAL BREED FESTIVAL in Hamburg,Germany at Markthalle on 24.10.2010. After that we are preparing for our first european tour which is starting around February of the 2011.This is our near future plan for this year and the next one and we hope to see most of our fans out there. 

3 .You are almost twelve years on the scene. I would like to turn back and remember one positive and one negative moment of your careers? 

The negative one would be definetly the wrong people involved within the band in the past and postive is definetly the day that we meet our Managers Robert and Nicole. 

4. In your opinion, what makes a band special? What is that vital ingredient that separates a good band from a great one? 

That is a good question!Well there are lot of factors or components which define a great band and a constant search and evolution of the band and its members would be one of them.There are lots of other as well. Great band needs to be focused and dedicated to what they are doing completly and totaly without this you can't achive nothing only if you wanna be a local band for the rest of your life.Big bands also have a defined attitude,philosophy or what the band stands for,image and also are great songwriters, not neccesarily musicians but songwritters.Songwritting is teh essence of any band. And that is all that matters if you ask me that a Great band needs to have.The rest depends on the more then few circumstances that could not be perdictable such as luck,will power and effort of the each individual band member. 

5. Gorthaur´s Wrath has been described as Black Death Metal, but your subject matter is quite different from the typical black metal band. How would you describe your music? 

Well as i mentioned before we used to be only black,death metal but with the Ritual IV we combined everything that we thought could serve the greater purpose and added some new influences that we didn't use before.

We combine new modern sounds such as tribal,industrial,experimental also with that old school riffs and of course the best that we have made from black and death metal so far.Because we are extreme band after all.We made bassicly songs that we wanted to listen and to hear out there in a metal world today more and that are simply not there yet.

We will bring the past back with our own style.

6. Tell me bro, are your texts only anti-religious, or maybe these are words of your satanic soul? Do you believe in hell and devil as a person? 

Our lyrics are my personal philosphy,occult studies and my own life experiences.  I believe only in myself,people that suround me and things that i do here in this world.The rest is an open discusion.

As for hell i think most of the people are already there so there is no need for one more hell. Devil is in each of us if you wanna reach him.Of course i dont believe in bible or any such definitions.If you are really intersted in any of these subjects just read anything that you can get, don't live your life only according to a single book. 

7. Talking about your live perfomances, when metal heads come down to watch your performance, what are they liable to see? 

We will try to bring them the songs live in a more extreme and energetic way together with ourselves inside.

Every live performance is a new experince for us, so any time we do it again we try to do it better and more powerfull that the last time.Also we put lot of effort to bring the visual aspects of the band in life when it comes to live performance.But we are still in primal phase. So you can expect lot of energy releasing and visual imagination. 

8. What do you think about the present scene in Croatia? Are there in your opinion many talented bands around there? Do you always try to find new, fresh and brutal black/death metal bands? 

There are lot of good bands in Croatia both young and older ones just to mention the few such as Kryn/ex-Downfall,Monox,Ashes you leave,Father,Igut,Mass Hypnosis,Chang FFos and many others.For those interested you can visit Umri.info and Cmar-net.org, both pages cover almoust all the bands that exsist in Croatia at the moment.

I dont listen to much of the new bands specially when it comes to metal today, i rather rediscover some bands from the past that sliped my attention.To much copycats in todays metal scene, the scene is big today, very strong and there are lot of things going on i can agree on that one.Together with all of this there are simply to much new bands that are just passing by. That wanna become big and famous over night but you cant stay for a long time like that.

That is way i prefer past at the moment or only few rare new bands that cross my path.  

9. What does it mean for you underground respectively to be underground? What do you think about trends and riding the trends? It is important to be original or to play original music? 

We were always underground and i will always have a great respect for the whole underground scene and the people involved but for us the time has come to go overground now after all this years and with all do respect i can say that.Trends were here all time and will be but those are the ways of the world, you need to be yourself and do what you wanna do and what you like to do and thats the only way. 

Black metal is still a rather limited genre that does not attract large crowds (Cradle Of Filth excluded), do you think this is the fate of extreme music for all future? 

Extreme music is today recieving more and more attention that one could ever imagine so you can never tell.

I think extreme scene is here to stay for sure! 

10. Talking about the band members, I have noticed all of you also take part in other bands and/or projects, how do you manage this without affect the GORTHAUR´s WRATH progression itself? 

Most of our projects are exactly only that-projects, so we are dealing with them when we have time from our main band and that is less and less nowdays.Some of those bands were also part of our history. 

11. So Let's go on with a sick/joke question: If Britney spears would ask you to do a song with her, would you join? And what would this song sound like? 

Maybe as a backing vocals for some female screams like in some typical horror movie scene, he he. 

12. Can you explain the method of songwriting employed by GW? Is the writing process generally collective or does one member often craft the song on his own? 

Moric the guitar player is the main songwritter and myself,lyrics are done by myself only.

Basiclly we work togeher, Me and Moric and when we make an idea thats when the rest of the band comes in.

And then the rest of the process takes over begining with the drums and when everything is ready we enter the studi where songs once again reach a higher level and where we make a final touch so to say. 

13. Maybe you would now at the end reveal some details about the future plans for GW and your personal goals. How far would you like to go with Gorthaur´s Wrath?

As i said our plan for this year is releasing Ritual IV our first official album for the world distribution,which is a great honour for us after all the years and effort we put inside. We are very pleased and exited about that now.Than our next step is a new video which is also going to be a big experiment and unexpected move in the eyes of many,show in Hamburg on Metal breed festial and the rest of the year we are preparing our very first european tour.Lot of work infront of us, but thats the way it is.It never stops.This is the begining of a big and important chapter in the history of the band and we are sure that lot of people out there will be extremly surprised with what we have prepared for them.Some for good some for worse.The  best is yet to come surely,but the Ritual has begun!That is all that matters for us now in this phase of the bands history. 

14. Any last words to the fucking maniacs out there??? Anything you wish to add?

Thank you for yor interview and your support, your propaganda in our behalf is more than welcome and will be rewarded!we hope to conquer Usa very soon!

Until then stay heavy and do your own will!!! 


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