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Realized at: 23th, November 2016

"GOLDEN RUSK is like you hear it: brutal, pure and without compromises (...)"

1. Hello Maher, Tell us about your evolution as a “musician” and getting involved in the scene. And how much you achieved so far?

Hi everyone and first of all I want to thank you for the opportunity you give us. It’s always right to remind who gives support to underground bands who wants to rise in the metal scenario. I would say that my evolution as a musician is started when I was young, strumming my Epiphone bass away, and I do believe it never ends. Actually the most has been done with GOLDEN RUSK project because I am really  involved in it, and receiving a lot of love and interest in few  time by many people is definitely the cherry on top!

2. How you came up with the band's name GOLDEN RUSK, the logo and everything? Does it have any deeper meaning?

GOLDEN RUSK is the mirror of my personal life. Let me tell you this in your ear like a confidence: I work as a manager for a multinational company (I won’t tell you which one…) and I use to go in my office to do my stuff and work with the other colleagues daily; when I go out of my office, well, do you know  Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde?! Right like that! I totally change myself but I am not walking a mile in someone else’s shoes, it’s definitely me! Half day a manager in the office, half day a crazy brutal death metalhead. The GOLDEN RUSK name, that is something to eat for breakfast, and the logo, a skull with a gas mask, is the evidence to prove exactly my personal contradiction like I do every day.

3. Did you have a ‘mission’ and goal to play death metal when you first started out, or did the music and direction first take shape as you crafted songs and so forth?

Actually it’s been the music that gave me the direction towards death metal. I didn’t plan anything at all. I had some previous ideas but it’s when I am in the studio to follow that directions, it’s like something impulsive.

4. Music-wise, what are to you the most essential aspects for a death metal band? Some say it’s the rhythm of the guitars, some say it’s the drum beat, and others say it’s the vocals… Maybe it’s a bit of everything?

It depends on many factors, one for all could be the sound you want to have. If you want to spread something like modern metal, just buy a laptop and some samplers and the that’s the game. If you want to do something that you’d crash your ear, well man, there is no computer who can help you… just hard work and night after night to rehearse.

5. I’ve noticed your pretty solid technical skills. Are you a self-learner, or do you have some musical education?

Self-learner for sure! Started to pretend to play drums with pens, pencils and other stuff when I was child until today. I literally worn out my first bass handle, a black Epiphone, and I would say the same with the guitar. The more my fingers bled the better.

6. Why did you decide to play all the instruments, instead of forming a regular line up, let's say of about 4-5 musicians? Is it a matter of total control of your music?

I do believe that a band is a real one, when you respect the each other’s people ideas. “What will become of us?” actually was born years ago when I joined other bands;  when I watched all of my effort and commitment in song’s writing and stuff ruined by someone who took the advantage of my ideas for other bands... dude, at the umpteenth time, it really busts my balls and I decided to do all by myself. If you want something done, do it yourself!

7. You are about to release your debut full length on December 1st.  Could you tell me something about the process of making these songs and what do you think that is most important criterion for you assessing the value of the album?

The making process is something that starts from inside, something very personal, in fact “What will become of us?” is an album that has to be understood. If you don’t get your mind ready in a certain way, you’ll never like it… if you are ready to a biting, aggressive and rough sound, you’re ok; if you like something standard instead, so GOLDEN RUSK is not for you. Luckily, many reviewers and magazines got the album message and the death metal skin under it, so try to believe…

8. How much time does it take to put a record together? Do you have extra material that’s left out after choosing what fits you most?

I go in my office daily, so the time to rehearse is only during the night. Considered that I had already some ideas, it took 1 year and half more or less. Someone says it’s a good target, I think you can always improve yourself. Actually I do have extra material but it is still too much unrefined. I think I’ll manage it for the next release, but for now I am focused on “What will become of us?” and I want to enjoy it. 

9. I believe that every band has their own way in composing music… so how do you proceed with a song-writing? What elements highly emphasized during the song-writing period?

In general the album has been designed starting from some guitar riffs with the low volume amp, otherwise some neighbor  could claim… and after doing the related arrangement I create the song structure. Except for the song “What will become of us?” the last part has been the vocals. This is the hardest part for me because in order to have an optimal vocal structure, you always should ‘go away’ from the musical part otherwise you could have the risk to follow the music sound and it could be silly. Since I manage all the instrumental stuff, that’s not an easy process. 

10. "What will become of us?". So those lyrics are  kind of an observation of the world and humankind? Or it is a more introspective thing?

Well, the artwork made by Salvo Bosco and the title are clear enough for me: GOLDEN RUSK believes that the world is going from bad to worse. In the artwork this topic is represented in the course of time from Roman Empire, with ancient temples, to Middle Ages, with the pillory, to the to the present with skyscrapers. Of course it is seen in a pessimistic way because currently there is nothing that proves the opposite. The question is: what will become of us? You can have the chance to find out listening to the album, otherwise no hope for you…

11. Promotion has become vital in these times. With hundreds of bands releasing albums in the same time period, it’s become a struggle to get noticed. How do you see the future of promotion and recording?

It is vital! Just think about some bands that really sucks, but they’re keeping promoting so much that their music will enter in your head anyway. Unfortunately it’s not only matter of music, so keep the eyes open on the underground in order to catch some really good bands to support. Searching for mainstream is too easy.

12. How would you describe GOLDEN RUSK as a whole? Is there anything that makes your music different compared to other bands in the genre?

GOLDEN RUSK is a band that has developed a sound without compromise. Right before the “No blame no gain” video release date, I’ve been contacted by a label by which we initially had several meeting points. The relation has broken when they “suggested” me to change something in my music style and lyrics. At that point I sent them to hell… Well, GOLDEN RUSK is exactly like that! To overstep commercial borders made by standard productions arranged only for sales. GOLDEN RUSK is like you hear it: brutal, pure and without compromises.

13. What do you think about the current Death Metal scene worldwide. Which are the bands you have the biggest respect for? Which are the most outstanding and influential ones these days and what does Death Metal mean to you at all?

I like all heavy metal genres, and of surely death metal too. Of course I have my “obsessions” but heavy metal is only one and it’s indivisible. I could say bands that  I like most, but I think they would be a lot, may be too many! The only thing to underline is to move your ass guys and support all underground metal bands.

14. OK my friend, we have become to the end. If I have missed anything please feel free to add to this interview.

First, I would like to thank you again for this interview and also thanks for all the support you give to all metal scenario. What else to say? Support the underground music just like you do for mainstream bands. Give a listen to GOLDEN RUSK album “What will become of us?” and if you like buy it from 1st of December 2016, you’ll find it in main digital platforms. You can also download it illegally, but you would be just a bunch of assholes who don’t give a fuck of others efforts. Metal music is good and healthy, let’s try to side in the right part.

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