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Date: 08.03.2011


1. Your music is some way described like Progressive Death Metal, however we can find some other kind of elements inside, such as Metalcore or Groove, are you extrictely related with that so called “Modern” Metal, which are your most strong musical orientations?

G: Well,we can't really "tag" our music but sure there are lot's of influences! We do listen lot's of different stuff.but, for example listening to hardcore music doesn't make us a hardcore band. We have a really "bastardized" sound if you know what i mean!yes, we do have groove, melody, breakdowns (not so -core ones though), brutal growls, screams, synths and you can notice that the guitar's rythm bonded with the drum's kick witch is a pure fear factory concept! So..we do have a bit of Meshuggah, Fear Factory, Lamb Of God, Dying Fetus, Soilwork, Opeth, textures and mnemic influences. Yes, we are into modern metal for sure!

2. Also, you have mentioned to be influenced by Swedish Death metal, I think this make your music even hard and well executed, what are the mainstream bands in the history of Swedish Old school sound in your opinion?

G: Well we kinda grew up listening to Arch Enemy, Carcass, At The Aates, The Haunted, Bolt Thrower, In Flames, Meshuggah and Soilwork stuff (and lot's of covers of them too) but only some of them can be seemed in our music, our vocalist is from Sweden so..i think it comes more natural to him!

3. I am a little impressed about the fact you are a young band with just 4 years of career and just one EP with 4 songs, however the feedback and criticism have been awesome, how do you feel about that? Are you in search for a record-deal actually? How does it work out? Are you ready to record a complete full-length album?

G: It feels great when someone does listen carefully to your first try and writes down everything that his may liked or not! We post our reviews only when they are like that, if someone rates us like 100% and writes bullshit we won't publish it. We don't want bullshit, we want a full review by someone's opinion that matters. W e have only good reviews for now and thats really good for us.
We wait for the labels to respond to our promo package any moment soon. I don't think we will get something though because labels are looking for a band with more than one release and also with better promo stuff like a video clip, a website and also with more fans and we do´nt have those yet.
We are up to record a new EP or album, we will see..actually we are up to do all of the above so that we can get a good deal.

4. How many copies of the “Biological Order” has been sold? And tell us if this helped to get some interested labels in order to release your coming outputs?

G: The EP was all self financed, homemade and also self released. There have been 500 copies and for now we may have sold about 200.but we still have gigs to do and sell stuff!
Look, I don't feel nice when I sell a copy to someone because art is something I like and I enjoy it much better when I give it for free to someone that might admire our job. But unfortunately we have expenses for that and we kinda NEED to sell them so that we can do more next.

5. You seems to have a very large list of live shows made so far, even some mini Tours inside Greece are mentioned, do you have any nice story from the concerts you would like to share with the readers?

G: Well it's not that large! We've been playing to the same places for over 20 times yes for sure, but it was really difficult for us to go and gig at the rest of our country, you see our base is in an island called "Crete" and we have played there so many times. We are now kinda expanding our music in the rest of Greece. There have been some mini tours. One with Rotting Christ over Crete and 2 others by ourselves on 5 cities of Greece. More accurately, the first tour was organized by friend bands and we joined them.4 Cretan bands and one band from Cyprous went to 5 cities of Greece. 35 metalheads touring together in a bus over Greece! It was AWESOME. Funniest moments ever, lots of metal,crazy and drunk motherfuckers playing and headbanging. Prog and Run tour 2009.Winter Crescent, Mobius band, Soundgeist, Winter's Verge was the line-up and we are all good friends. Unforgetable experience.T hanks to that tour,Soundgeist helped us with the recording of biological order and we are really thankful.

6. About song writing, how long will it take to complete a song (your song). Is it possible to complete it all in an hour, or in day, or it might even took long periods of refining the lines, etc. How do you know or when can you say that the song is finished? Who wrotes the lyrics? Do each and everyone in the band contribute their ideas?

G: That's a good one. sometimes I write a song in half an hour and sometimes it takes a month!songs that take half an hour have more chances to be catchy than the others! I do write all the stuff from guitars to drums and synths, at least the main idea. Of course we do change and discuss stuff, but I have the main ideas and the best way to show them is to programm some drums and synths too. Ilias writes some synth parts too. Aris always has better ideas for his bass guitar than do so I trust him! Per writes all the vocal lines and lyrics. Giorgos has always something to change on the drumming part and put some of his ideas and fills too.

7. In my opinion the most profound song on the EP is "Amnesia" which subsequently made the hair on my arms and neck stand on end. Is there a particular favorite song of yours that has the most personal meaning to you ?

G: Amnesia belongs to the "half an hour" songs! So...I guess it's one of the catchy stuff! There is no "favorite" song for me. I love them all. The one I might be more proud of is the "haunting me within" witch is kinda superior based on the songwritting skills and it's closer to the bands I listen at home. Generally the concept is to write stuff for me first. I mean, instead of searching the best band for my taste, I try to make one. I try to fill the gap. I try to make a song witch i am going to put it in my playlist and bang my head like I do when I listen to my favorite bands!
And as songwritting skills are being leveled up, I can say that i like the new ones more than the old ones, and I am really getting into filling that gap.

8. What are you most proud of achieving as a band, and have there been any defining moments that stand out in your memories? If you were not a musician, what would you be ?

G: I am proud of us having made that progress in small period of time and achieving all these without kissing nobody's ass. In fact I am more proud of that rather the day we won the "Battle of Rretan bands" 1 year ago. The moments I will never forget though are from the Prog and Run tour. Who knew that in 7 days we would bond that good with people we barely knew?
As for the second part of your question, I was in a technical university before I got into studying at a music school. I didn't like it though. Actually I didn't like anything that can be studied as profession in my country. Except some stuff that I should start much earlier if I wanted to follow them, like designing things, or some sports. Actually I am realizing that I would be happy scratching my balls and have knowledge of things that are really interesting and having hobbies that train my body and mind rather wasting all that years on schools with no interest at all. You see my sector is more artistic rather scientific. I also am a good technician on making/fixing stuff. So maybe in this goddamn world I have no place since a machine took any job left that I could do!haha! So I guess I am gonna play pop bullshit music to live..

9. Your music is very progressive, complex and almost tortured (In the right way), I am really curious about how the crowd reacts during your shows ?

G: It has it's complicity but i think it's not that super complex. I mean it has no point being overtechnical. there has to be a good balance between technique and synthesis.and all that has to be tight. Fortunately live reviews say so people seem to enjoy our performance and almost always you see pretty stuff happening!i mean, how can you not move your head even a little when a band has groove and plays tight? I am satisfied by our audience, in all circumstances.I like the fact that people who haven't seen us before, bang their heads and mosh for us.

10.You are all quite young. How did you came across with EVERFAILED? And what made you decide to take a step towards a band creation?

G: Thankfully we have time by our side. We were like 15 searching for a band to cover some stuff for fun. Me, Ilias and Per are together from the beginning. Then came Giorgos and after a little Aris came too. second guitar was always a problem for several reasons. Having one guitar was the best thing to do. What really made us to make a band was that we were kids that loved metal and music, and always dreamed of playing in a gig rather playing in our bedrooms!

11.Talking about the band members. Do you have any side projects or is this the only band you all play in?

G: Aris has played in lot's of cover bands and stuff, but also in a experimental band called Soundtrap. The rest of us almost nothing except cover bands for rock bars and stuff.
I will start working on a new project though. Combining drum n bass and metal genre,and lot's of ambient stuff.

12. How do you perceive the advances of technology and the internet changing the music industry in the future? Albums get leaked online all of the time. There are countless download sites and lots of people seem to be in preference of these blogs rather than purchasing CDs. Have you seen this affect your music? Do you think this is a major reason why underground bands have such a hard time?

G: I think that we should thank the internet actually. I think that people that are about to buy our cd, they will buy it anyway for support. You see I am glad that our cd has thousands of downloads. Really.there is no other way. I like the fact that I search for "everfailed biological order" and see all those blogs and sites having us there. This is the purpose. if I could find a way to make every metalhead have our album on their PC, I could do it for sure!

13. How important is the keyboard as an instrument in EVERFAILED, and how do you develop these parts? You may wonder why I ask specially about this instrument, and the reason is that mostly extreme Metal bands that is closer to Death Metal seldom use the keyboard…

G: It is really important. It's the melody, the atmosphere. Since we play with one guitar with heavy tuned rythms we need a melody. That's what makes us experimental after all. People always tell me,"I dont generally like keyboards but you guys have great ones".so I think it has become a signature to us!

14. Are you satisfied with the current Greek metal scene? Could there be any improvements to the 'scene'?

G: People here do not support as in countries outside the border. Except if it a famous band. You see the only way that we may become famous in Greece it to become famous in all the other countries! It's funny. They always have something bad to tell you for every band here. Of course there are some very good efforts to make our scene united like the "Metal United" community,"Metal from Greece" and "Greek Metal Scene" witch worth to check out. And it has worked a little. Some people have changed their way of thinking. I think things are gonna get better. There are so many amazing bands here. I wish they had more audience for support.

15.No more questions my friend. Just thanks for your time and good luck for your future plans. Closing is yours…

G: I just want to thank everyone that supports us through out these years,and everyone that read this (our first!) Interview till the last word. Cheers to everyone,stay tuned and keep supporting metal and your local scene.

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