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Realized at: 12th, January 2014
(Answers by Paul - Drums & Florian - Vocals )

"...the concept of Underground scene is pretty interesting because like the mainstream scene, the underground scene is the victim of some fashion path, too." (Florian)

1. Hello Guys, you formed the band in 2012 and you released a demo the same year. Which have been your activitites since that? Any live experiences you want to share with us?

Hello Pain Fukktory !
[Paul:] Yeah, following our first three titles demo «An Harbinger of Horror», we’ve started to record our first video clip based on «Angagok’s Rites», a song we like cause it’s balanced with a good dark mood. This video clip is a great showcase for us to find gigs around the country. Actually, we performed four beautiful lives during summer 2013, particularly at the awesome Openair festival - Deserted Valley Metalday in Geschinen (CH).

2. All of your songs are fullfilled with a lot of energy from the beginning to the end. I would define your style as classical death metal with a huge dose of brutality. Are you agreed with me?

[Paul:] Yes, you’re right, indeed our roots are deep in the old school death metal, but as modern musicians we enjoy a lot of different styles of music and we like to mix them in order to create something unique.

[Florian:] Totally agree about that! As Paul already said, we really like a lot of kind of evocative music but we’re some addicts of old school vibrations too! As a vocalist, I really like when a song can maintain a huge and everlasting dose of brutality (because I like to let the sonic undulations hit my brain and drive me mad!). For me, a high charge of brutality can bring a lot of images, moving shapes, smells of beauty, majesty and carrion.

3. How would you characterize the development of your band so far? What are your greatest achievements and downfalls?

[Paul:] *laughing* Man it’s too early to talk about achievement. Our first goal is to release the best album we can and share it on stage. Nevertheless, I consider our videoclip as a great highlight of our work so far.  

[Florian:] An another highlight was when we began to play our songs during a gig and face to us, Metalheads began to headbang as some maniacs. For me, it’s very difficult to speak about the concept of achievement, be­cause I continue to see Erzebeth Dane as an entity in constant gestation. We’re some perpetual learners and we continue to dig into the cave of knowledges. Knowledges about ourself, about Music and about some cosmic and twisted secrets.

4. Who came up with the band’s name ERZEBETH DANE, the logo and everything? Does it have any deeper meaning for you?

[Paul:] The name came out of a conversation between Florian and me. In fact, we’ve been looking for a name linked with horror and invisible fear (we’re passionate by H.P. Lovecraft...), something different than a simple brutal name. So, Florian came up with «Elizabeth Dane», the old haunted boat from «Fog», a classic John Carpenter’s horror movie. Finally, I fixed Elizabeth to Erzebeth in relation to Erzebeth Bathory, the famous blood countess.

5. I am curious to know more things about your debut demo. Tell us something about the main idea of the 3 tracks. Where did you record it and how has been the feedback so far?  

[Florian:] We take some time in order to choose carefully the three songs of our debut demo. They must to have a link, a lineage between them. This link was about the Angst of a merciless enemy, invisible with a non-euclidean shape, non-rational and always there, waiting motionless into the flowing stream of Time.

« Angagok’s Rites » is about a person, tied on his bed of torture, unable to watch the visages of his keeper and feeling thousand deadly pains. In this text, it could be possible to read some thoughts about the concept of parasomnia. There’s a sleeper. His mind’s awakening but his body’s still in sleep. He feels some horrific shape, some haunting noise and he tries to put his mind in Sleep and finally, he can’t guess anymore where Reality and Dream is. Forever tormenting by the frightfulness, dancing all around his bed.

« Only the Mirror Knows » speaks about the last moment of a young girl who’s jumped in a pool in order to catch his mirror, under the waters. Suddenly, she dies.

The coroner will find her poor body, floating with no water into lungs and only with nameless horror in her face. Like if the mirror shows her some soul-reaping apparition, behind her, under the waters.

« Irradiating Throne » is about a powerful, shining and invisible King on a throne, alone into a toxic desert.

Everybody knows this King but everyone pray to have never to put the eye on its crown and on its irradia­ting throne.

[Paul:] We divided the record’s process in three distinct parts.

Firstly: the drums, recorded at Damp Studio. This is one of the few professional studios in Switzerland to own a Rare Vintage Neve VR60 mixing console. Therefore, it was a wonderful experience to record on such a legendary machine.

Secondly: the guitars, bass and vocals. Alejandro and myself recorded this part at our rehearsal space.

Finally, Damp Studio mixed and mastered the recordings. Vintage stuff for vintage death metal.

[Florian:] Ah! And with pleasure, we learned that the crowd gave to this debut demo a very warm greeting!  

6. Tell us about the realization of your video clip for the song «Angagok’s Rites» and some curious anecdo­tes behind the scenes.

[Paul:] Only one day was necessary for Thierry Surdez from Illegal-design to shot our video clip at our re­hearsal space. Working with him and his team, true professionals, was a very good and interesting experien­ce! In addition, we took advantage of the situation to set up a mini photo shoot : all of us in leather jackets ( how original hey ! )

Right after the shooting, Raj joined us as full time bassist. Therefore, Florian, former bassist/vocalist, is now focused on vocals. This new combo brought more strength and power to our music.

7. I have noticed you have serious opportunities for live shows in your country. I would like to focuse on the bigger festival you have played. What are the most memorable shows that you played? Any funny stories to tell?

[Paul:]Hmm.. i think every gigs are memorable ‘cause that’s why we do music… to be on stage.

[Florian:] Every time, my feet hit a stage, in the silence of my mind, I hear the idea that if tonight it’s sadly my last show of my life, it must be the most rabid, powerful, majestic show that I can give. We like to be on stage and dissolve our bodies into the imperious vibrations. These three shows were simply magic and powerful. I adored each second of them but sadly for you, I can’t remember some funny tricks because we’re so concerned by every tiny details of the whole organization, that we don’t take time to take a look “outside the bounds”.

8. Do you have any plans for a full lengh recording? How’s the writing process going and what music for­mat do you prefer the most; vinyl, CD, or cassettes?

[Paul:] Yes, we are currently working on some new songs and we plan to record our first full length album for the end of 2014. As half the band don’t live in the same town, we are use to distance working, through the internet. Furthermore, we write a lot of tablature thanks to Guitar Pro and Cubase for the drums. Once we’ve gather together a lot of concepts, ideas and a large amount of musical patterns, we take time to or­ganize meetings in order to mix all these ideas, try some arrangements and finally, fix the tracks. It’s really unusual to work like this but till now, it seems to work. Anyhow, we consider it as a very good process for us.

[Florian:] As a lot of Music lovers, we like vinyl records for the large object and the quality of sound but it seems logical to think that the cd stays a very good support for music because it’s still a good support to promote a band in parallel with internet.

9. I always enjoy hearing what life is like outside of a band. What can you share with us about what your lives are like outside of the bands? Wives, kids, jobs, hobbies?

[Florian:] Sorry to learn to you these casual informations but I’m a very simple man. No wife, no kid, only three silent cats. I’m still a student into a marvelous town. I like to read, to learn, to count and to observe the stars, to think and to meditate when I’m watching the lazy clouds just upon my head.

[Paul:] I work as senior industrial designer. During my free time I paint watercolors and oils, lead and realize every artwork for the band. Also, I enjoy spending time hiking and traveling across europe with my girl­friend.  

As for Alejandro, he’s a polytechnical engineer working as technical expert advisor, but idler most of the time, native of Columbia, he just got married last december, Congratz Bro! Raj lives for music! He’s ac­tually working on stages and setting up beautiful light shows (gigs, light festivals, music festivals, etc). For Fab’s part, he’s living in the countryside with his girlfriend as well as Abyss, their dog, and working as an automatician in a factory.

10. OK, please define death metal with your own words, and if death metal was a beer, which one would it be?

[Florian:] *sniggering* Wow! What a kind of subjective matter! Maybe, my view is a little bit dreamy but death metal, for me, is like a thick bush: where you let run you look, you can’t count the whole boughs and on each of these boughs, there are some tiny, nearly invisible, presences who walk and work in order to ensure life and protection to these spots. These presences are like people who are working in some organiza­tion dedicated to Metal or some gig places. For me, death metal is like a vital maelstrom filled with energy, colors, smells, voices of some living unknown persons or some-one who are dead for too long..

Sometimes, it’s simply music and sometimes, it is bigger. If you want to approach, you must to fight against yourself, against your bad habit and your pernicious and false excuse. To listen, to understand and to play death metal is like a test and you should be able to overtake you in order to enjoy it in its fullness.

Ahaha! A beer? Well, do you know a beer from Quebec named “La Fin du Monde” (“The End of the World”). At first, I really like its name and it’s a delicious, spicy and strong beer! It perfectly fits when you’re listening to some death metal vibes between two headbangings!

11 . What are your thoughts about the underground scene and the Swiss scene in particular?

[Florian:] Maybe, Switzerland isn’t the better place to speak about the Underground scene because due to the lack of support into the swiss extreme Metal scene, the whole extreme metal bands are into the Under­ground. Like USA or Sweden, there isn’t some swiss popular bands.

However, the concept of Underground scene is pretty interesting because like the mainstream scene, the underground scene is the victim of some fashion path, too.

Suddenly, when we are surrounding by the mainstream extrem metal band filled with metalcore or deathcore crappy gimmick, the underground bands suddenly, need to come back into this glorious and idealized past in order to play a certain sort of Death-Doom in the vein of the ol’ Winter or Autopsy style or to be back with the sound of Sunlight Studio in Stockholm. It’s funny but Yeah! It’s always a pleasure to hear these kinds of sounds or reassuring gimmicks but even if I like the Older Ones, why these musicians don’t want or don’t need to create something closer to their inner depths?

12. No more questions my friends. Just thanks for your time and good luck for your future plans. Closing is yours…

Thanks a lot Pain Fukktory for your interesting questions and your interview!

Never give up! Stay proud and strong for what you became!

Take care!

Long Live Metal!

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