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Realized at: 31st, March 2015
(Answers by All members)

1. Hails, the band was founded as DAWN OF DESCENT, how so you decided to start a new era with ENCHIRIDION name and how difficult was to establish a solid line up?

     Hello there! Firstly, Dawn Of Descent was overall just a solo project established by me (Vocalist and Rhythm Guitarist Louis) with a few songs which later on became songs for our band Enchiridion. I started writing my first songs back in 2009. Actually, the very first song was Silent Death Curse. Anyway, I was searching for band members all the time but sadly I couldnt find anyone. It was really difficult to find musicians which were interested in my music at that time. There were a lot of songs which I wrote until mid 2013 where I decided to released the demos for Dead Mans Calling, Heavy Rain and Vulture Devours under the name Dawn Of Descent, which got amazingly positive reviews! In October 2013 our bass player Tobias, which I had known for a while said to me: Hey, your stuff is so amazing! If youre still searching for a bass player, I will join for sure!Of course I agreed! Afterwards he told me that hes going to look for a guitar player and a drummer. He already had Phil (Lead Guitar) and Stephan (Drums) in mind who he knew from the band they had before. About ten minutes later Stephan and Phil joined and I had a band (laughs). Im so happy about it because all of them are such professional musicians and unique in their own way! As a band we changed a few parts on the songs which were already released. Later on we decided to change our name to Enchiridion. As I said before the Dawn Of Descent era was just a solo project started by me and now the Enchiridion era is a real band with everyone of us involved.

 2. Your sound is a mixture of extreme metal with melodic. Having some finnish bands as main infuences, Is that intentional? How have you developed a sound without losing your own identity?  

     Almost all of my favorite bands come from Finland. Bands such as Kalmah, Children Of Bodom and Norther developed my sound from the very beginning.

     You can definitely hear the strong influence from those bands in our music. So in the end I guess it was intentional to sound a bit like them. But still Tobias, Stephan and Philipp have their own influences and we combine them  altogether. Thats how I would describe the unique Enchiridion sound in general.

     /In the near future you will hear it even more from the songs we wrote for our first album. Overall they have an even more evolved sound. Phil and I sit together to write and discuss the riffs. Afterwards Tobias and Stephan add the bass guitar and drums. I would describe the new stuff as well-conceived and more complex than the EP songs without loosing our main sound which weve had from the beginning. So be prepared!/

 3. How does your metal fit in with the rest of the German metal scene?

      Its different thats why it matches really great. Germany has so many different and great Metal bands nowadays with a lot of variety in their music. Since many people pigeonhole us into the Swedish and Finnish Metal scene it makes us even more proud to come from Germany. In the end we can do what the praised Finns and Swedes can do (laughs). 

4. I remember a time when you just had to release an album and people would be interested. How do you best promote a band today in order to get people to listen to you and not chose another band?

      How almost every band does it nowadays. Through the internet of course. Through Metal groups and sites on Facebook we reached a lot of people from all over the world. But also through live gigs, to present our general sound and our music to the people. Also through reviews from different magazines. Nowadays there are many ways to promote a band or an album. That gives every band a great opportunity to get bigger and bigger.

5.  How well are you doing in the rest of the World? What kind of reactions have you had from the States for example? 

     We already have a lot of fans from all over the world since the Dawn Of Descent times and now we have even more since we released “Silent Death Curse“ as Enchiridion! And also most of our Facebook fans are from Germany and the States so I think that should answer your question directly.

6. Talking back about your release "Silent Death Curse", how was the response the band gained so far? If possible share with us some positive and negative feedback towards this EP 2014?

     The reviews and responses were all great! One of the members from rateyourmusic actually choose it as the best release of 2014. It really is an honor for us and we really do appreciate something like that! Also a member of the german website called Time for Metalreally praised our music and even called us Maybe a new Melodic Death Metal giant from Germany.So thats really something to be proud of!

7.  After hearing your EP several times, I was strongly impressed with the exclusive technical and precise way of playing. I am curious to know for how long you play music or if there is some professional musical education?

      I take guitar lessons for almost 10 years now. I still take it because I also get into other genres such as Jazz, Blues and Classical music! It helped me to get into the guitar playing and still helps me to get behind the comprehension of music in general. My bandmate phil whos a born guitar player in my opinion, plays 5 years. Hes never really taken any guitar lessons as far as I know. It depresses me sometimes because he plays half as long as me and is almost twice as good as me (laughs). Stephan told me, that he never took drum lessons, except for some basic lessons when he was a kid. He just had to learn the stuff he wanted to play and that's what he is still doing. He writes stuff for the drum recordings on the computer, but sometimes he is unable to play what he wrote. And thus he has to learn those parts in order to play the drums for Enchiridion. Last but not least, Tobi took bass guitar lessons for one year and now he’s been playing for about five years now. He told me that he made serious progress since he joined the band. A progress he would have never made all alone.

     8. Do you have serious opportunities for live shows in your area? How many times per month can you play live? 

     We have a lot of great opportunities to play live shows in entire Germany. The german Metal scene gets bigger and bigger. So there are a lot of bands we can play gigs with and also great clubs which are well patronized at metal concerts.

     So far, weve played four shows this year. Unfortunately, two gigs were canceled. And also unfortunately nothing is planned for the rest of the year although we are currently working on getting a few more gigs. But in the future we plan to play at a lot of festivals in both Germany and in other countries!

      9. OK, please define death metal with your own words, and if death metal was a beer, which one would it be?

      In my opinion Death Metal is the most varied Metal genre out there. Especially Melodic Death Metal. You can combine so many different influences and other metal genres into it such as Thrash Metal, Black Metal, Power Metal, Symphonic Metal, Doom Metal, Gothic Metal etc. without changing the sound too much. Even other musical genres such as Jazz and Classical Music. Thats why I love this genre so much.

     If Death Metal was a beer …. I would say it's german beer in general. There are thousands of different beers in Germany – each with it's own taste. But every beer is awesome in its own way! There is a beer for every taste! Except of „Öttinger“ which would be genres I do not like and can’t get into (laughs).

10. Alright, weve come to an end. Do you have any final thoughts? Thank you for your time

      Thanks to all our friends and fans, who has been supporting Enchiridion from the very beginning! Without you we would be nothing! And also thanks for your interview. It was a real pleasure! Have a nice day and stay heavy! Cheers!

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