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Realized at: 07th, December 2015
(Answers by Maro Schmidt.)

1. Hello Maro, you have decided to embark yourself on this musical challenge as a one man project. How do you see the course of the band so far? Have you achieved your initial goals or even surpassed them?

Well, I think I'm on a slow but constant way forward. With ''Unspoken'' I set the headstone in 2014 and now I'm expanding with the upcoming records.

When I started making music around eight years ago, I had two general goals: At first writing a few songs, which I can put on a CD and share with my friends, and second to play LIVE across this world's stages. I already reached the former and now I'm increasingly working on a LIVE line-up. Since I started writing I've even reached points, I originally did not aim for. By now I learned to play three instruments in outline and expanded my knowledge about recording and mixing, which is by far more than I expected, in retrospect.

2. So you play all the instruments and sing?  Where and how were you taught? Are you some musical genius?

I never had teacher for any instruments due to a lack of logistics and money. All I know grew out of watching lots of YouTube cover videos, analysing my favourite bands and messing around with software and instruments. That way it comparatively took a lot of time, though I don't regret never having had lessons. Who knows where I'd stand today.

That depends on how genius is defined. I understand a bit more than the just the basics of songwriting and how the respective instruments complement each other. I'm not a virtuoso or a man of complex scales, neither theoretical nor in practice. I really like to keep things simple, because often it's enough. With me it's all about groove and heaviness. Compared to my musically gifted friends I'm capable of writing more than only one riff or lick, whereby I set my self apart from them. Basically I don't think to be a genius, at least not in the notorous meaning.

3. You´ve described your music as Dread Metal, what that means to those uninitiated?

Dread Metal is a combination of different elements from Groove and Heavy Metal with Death Metal vocals. A mixture, I've never heared from another band yet. I made this term up to stay away from this genre war being waged nowadays, where people argue whether a band is Technical Death Metal or Brutal Death Metal with Mathcore influences. Dread Metal is a style that avoids confusion and has a high recall value.

4. After one year of Dreadbeard´s formation, 2015 has seen the release of your EP "Unspoken". How has the recording been received so far?

In relation to views and likes I received alot of positive feedback, which is nice to see. I slowly move away from the circle of acquaintances, where people like my music because they know and like me; and start getting attention from strangers around the world as I've seen it on Fling, Facebook and YouTube and Soundcloud. This is quite satisfying and grands hope for the upcoming records.

5. The songs on the EP are an interesting blend of blunt rough metal, choppy modern elements, and some appealaing melodies. Which bands have influenced your sound?

My main influences are clearly Rammstein, Lordi and Disturbed. These are the bands I got most of my musical knowledge from. Besides them I'm frequently inspired by Scar Symmetry, Dio and Godsmack.

6. Explain to us what went into developing the concept of the album cover for your debut EP "Unspoken"?

A friend of mine, the ex-guitarist of Strydegor Dave Holst, showed me the cover artwork for their newest album ''Enraged'', where you can see a muscular minotaur with a serpent as arm. I liked the energy that came out of it and so I abstracted the idea and used it for my own work: The aries. There's alot of hate and anger in its facial expression and primary the eyes, which hints at my buried nature underneath the friendly and silly appearance all my friends and family know.

On the EP I mostly wrote about people, who did harm to me in the past. This is well accentuated by the artwork I guess, concerning the anger. It is minimalist and self-drawn, though expressive.

7. Being the only and main composer in the band. How did the process of writing this material move? Were you confronted by anything unusual or unforeseen? If yes, do the songs reflect it somehow?

It was a serious fight to consider the songs finished for a long time. As the only composer I am my best friend and also worst and only enemy. That's the cross you carry, when you have perfectionist tendencies. Actually the EP was finished around four months before the release. You can't imagine how many times I changed the sound, because I was fed up with it after listening to the material a thousand times in search of mistakes or improvements. So I used to change some songs completly in the end. The best riffs on this record grew out of mistakes I made while playing and recording, for example the main riff of Change of Ends.

8. What do you do in year spare non metal time? Do you get inspired to write such intense music due to where you live, or the environment you grew up in?

I spend alot of time on my traineeship, which is very time consuming. In some months I just have to lay down my musical work, because I'm simply not inspired enough and too stressed. Though my mind subliminally saves the expressions I receive and brings them back when it's time to write some material again. The situations besides Dreadbeard deliver the topics I write about. This happens automatically, whether it's psychological issues being created by conflicts with people in my everday life, or general sociological patterns I perceive while studying people. 

9. How much of your work is the result of conscious deliberation and how much is spontaneous inspiration?

The basis of all my songs, both lyrical and musical, is deliberate, until the point it feels to stiff or not original enough. This frustration often result in mistakes I make while playing the riffs again, which offer a new perspective and add this extra portion of variation. The most diffecult part is to find adequate lyrics for the tunes. I frequently write many pages of lyrics that rarely fit the first time. Sometimes I suddenly get hit by an inspiration at work or when I'm almost asleep. These are the magical moments which make it undispensible for me to write.

10. If you had to highlight one important message behind your music, what would it be?

It's all about giving it time to grow and not forcing it into something it cannot be. Neither kneejerk reactions nor popular trends pave your way, but trusting in own energy will.

11. How does your metal fit in with the rest of the German metal scene? As a metal band do you feel that you’re a part of a greater worldwide community of metalheads?

For me it's hard to get a foodhold, because the german scene is led by this Girlie-Trance-Metalcore and Viking Metal, I dislike myself. That's why I get less attention here. I don't want to customize my music, in order to be popular instantly. Of course it's hard to survive that way, but staying true to oneself is of top priority. Nevertheless I believe there're alot of metalheads out there, who would like my music. It's just a matter of time, as always.

12. With no complete line-up and only a EP release, it must be hard to get any serious gigs going. is playing live one of your main goals for the future?

Yes, it's diffecult to perform live, but I won't get crazy about that. First of all it's important for me to write some cool songs. Everything else will be archieved afterwards, when the time and the people have come. I still have alot of time until I have enough material to play a proper set.

13. Well, my friend, that´s all for now, thanks a lot for your co-operation. I hope you enjoy this interview.. Some words you like to add?

Yes, thank you alot for having me here and to all people out there: Keep supporting Metal and check out Dreadbeard! Have a nice day.

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