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Realized at: 07th, December 2015

"I felt very inspired by various film scores, such as Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean ect, rather than other power metal bands. A mix between the two."

1. Hails Emil, you are the founder member for this band, which was on your mind since 7 years ago. Tell us a bit about the early days of Downfall and any difficulties you found in establishing a solid and complete line up?

Yeah sure. Well, the general concept for what is now DownFall has been on my mind for 7 years, but the essential work for the record has been a thing for about 3-4 years, I believe.
I've always wanted to do some kind of solo project with a bunch of songs written and performed by myself, but never really had the opportunity to do so.
I was playing in another band at the time and it wasn't really going anywhere, so after 5 in that band I felt that now was the time.
So, for about 11 months I would sit at home after work and write out melodies and themes for demos and piecing the songs together, and when the time came I hooked up with Magnus(guitars) and the game was afoot. That is it really. The simple version anyway. 
And as far as completing the line up goes, that was fairly easy.
All the current members of the band were pretty much first choices. 
Magnus and Oliver(vocals), who plays on the album was on board from the beginning, and the rest came along pretty smoothly. We had like 5 auditions in total, I think? 
So asembeling a full line-up was thankfully really quick and painless.

2. Since you started all of this as a solo project, What is the main conclusion you have learned during these years about life and music being two inseparable things?

Well, making this record was a stressfull process at times.
I was privileged to have a real studio to work in, and having some really talented people on the record, but that didn't make it a walk in the park.
In the 2½ years I was recording the album, I kinda felt like that was the only thing I had going for me. 
I would talk about it constantly to all of my friends, and I thought about it all the time. 
It was a nightmare sometimes.
But, on the other hand I think that was a good mindset to be in when having a project like this. 
If I haven't givin my self 100% to all the details and didn't take the time to work on the same 10 seconds of a song for hours, it would't be what it is today, for better or worse. 
And at the same time it was troumendously rewarding to hear to songs come together, and hear the demos with real guitars, vocals ect.
Not to mention, I'm doing an interview about it now.
It was all worth it.

3. I am very curios about the name you´ve choosen for the band, existing alot of bands with the same moniker, I should have to ask how important is this band’s name for you?
Haha. Well, not that much actually.
We were jamming out names one night, and had been at it for hours without any results.
I believe is was Kristoffer(bass) who mentioned DownFall, and we were all like ''Yeah, that works''
Of course it wasn't until after we made all the prints, and online work that we realized it was taken - a lot of times even.
And we often get associated with other projects and what not, but you know.. 
At least we're the only danish band and the only power metal band with that name.
We might change it at some point, we've been talking about it, but for now it's fine. 

4. You have a debut album "A Place in Existence" and the 8 songs on it sound very fresh and strong, though your musical influences are obvious; how did you work over this album? What did you plan to put into it?
The key element has never been about musical technicality or showing as much wankery into a song a possible, but more so about writing good solid music.
I really just wanted something I could put my name on, and be proud of. 
Essentialy the thought was to write power metal, but put more focus on the melodies and themes rather than exstensive guitar solos, fantasy lyrics and 300bpm drumming. 
You know, make it more grounded.
I felt very inspired by various film scores, such as Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean ect, rather than other power metal bands. A mix between the two.
That's not exactly a new concept, and I don't feel like I broke any news grounds, but I just wanted to do my own version of it, because I love that sort of music.

5. What kind of ambitions did you have after finishing the recording of this album (since it took 2½ long years)? It is a pretty solid and thoughtful work.

Originally the idea was to record the album, and kinda have it as a personal achievement, a milestone of sort.
But as the songs came together we began to realize that the music had potential for something greater and we should do a band out it.
The good thing is that we have the foundation now, so while we're busy rehearsing the material, the music is building our fanbase on it's own, so to say. 
I guess the positive reception we have gone so far and so quickly has made us even more eager so pursue it, and while we knew we did a good job, the feedback has just been insane.
So, the positive response has definitely sparked some higher ambition to go further with this. For me anyways. 

6. There’s also some acoustic guitars and keyboards adding a great deal of memorable melodies in the songs. Could you tell is more in depth about this?

I'm a sucker for piano music, and you can't go wrong with a beautiful composed piano piece.
When making melodic and emotionel music - especially regarding metal - those kinds of elements are a must in my opinion.
There is of course endless ways to convey music that way, but it worked perfectly for me. 
Also, it helps the music to be more approachable for people who might not be too fond or to familiar with metal, and therefore attract a more diverse audience.
Plus, that's how the songs are written, and lastly it sounds fucking beautiful. 

7. This is a question that I often ask simply because I’ve never ever been in that position. What is it like to release an album? What kind of emotions runs through you?
I can only speak for my self of course, but when you release something this personal to the world, you can't help feeling exposed I guess.. I mean, we did it as good as we possible could, but you will always feel anxious for negative response because it'll hurt that much more.
But then again, we made the music for ourselfes first, and for peoples opinion second.
I know that sounds really cliche, but we didn't really have anything to lose.
I'd say my biggest concern was that it would simply drown and disapear in the ocean of music being produced lately, some in far superior quality to ours.
But to our suprise it has been widespread beyond our doing, and things are going the right way, so there was nothing to worry about after all, it seems.

8. How much fun is it to hear people’s interpretations of what you created, things that you might never ever have dreamed up about the stuff you’ve written?

It's pretty surreal when we're getting comments from people on the other side of the planet, telling us we kick ass.
It's a crazy feeling that people are cheering something that started with me sitting alone in a one-room apartment, drinking beer and staring into the wall.
Something so small and personal is now on a much bigger scale, even though we're not by any means famous or even that heard of, it's still a great great feeling.
It's a nice pad on the shoulder.

9. Are you and the rest of the band friends and how do you all get along with one another? How difficult is it being in the band and having a life outside the band?

Yes, we're all good friends, at least on my part. Haha.
Everyone is pretty much handpicked to be in this band, both in terms of musical abilities but most certainly personality as well. For a long time it was only me and Magnus working on the record, and he was ''hired'' before I even heard him play guitar, just because we clicked so well.
We do have our ups and downs in terms of communication and overal work ethics, but I believe that's a good thing. I would be surprised if that didn't happen this early in the process.
We're still in the start up phase anyway, and are still in the process of getting to know eachother better and all that stuff, so you know, everything is starting to fall in to place.

10. Could you tell us more about the metal scene in Copenhagen? Is this a quite good state on a metal point of view, and were there goodmetal bands to check out in the past?

In my experience most danish bands is more on the heavier side, and less on the melodic.
For every power metal band, theres is like 50 death metal and metalcore bands, lol.
But it seems like the metal scene is growing here, there's more bands around and it's great.

11. Are there some parts of the world that really impress you due to the quality of the bands coming from the same area?
Yes! Findland rocks!
So many great bands comes from Findland like Olympos Mons, Ensiferum, Korpiklaani, and even HIM!
Also, it should be pretty clear a lot of my inspiration stems from there.
In general Scandinavia has a lot of great bands and artists, including the Norwegian black metal scene. 

12. If you were forced to place your band on a scale of other heavy/power metal bands where would you end up?
Well, we're very new so we have to build our name and reputation up from the bottom.
But if we had to put ourselves in a box, you could say we're along the lines of Dragonforce, Kamelot, Reinxeed, and all those bands. Which I don't believe is a bad thing.

13. Well my friend, it was a pleassure to bring these questions for you. That would be all for the moment... If you have anything to add in the end to conclude this interview.

No problem, and thank you too for having us.

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