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Date: 25th, March 2013
(Answers by all members )

DEFACED is one of my favorite bands from all the times, since the time I discovered to them, I did know I had one of the true Death Metal revelations in front of me. So this is the reason I want to share with you this pleassure!    

1. Since your inception in 2006, you took several years to come with a debut full lenght,
what was the main reasons for that and which difficulties you found in establishing yourselves in the Swiss scene?

In the beginning, we played what we like, without focusing on a specific style. With time passing by, we decided to concentrate our music on death metal.
After this decision and some changes in the band set up, we were able to write songs to use for a record. It took us some time to establish our own studio and produce the record all by ourselves.
From the moment we found our band, 'till the release of our record, we were able to play many gigs in Switzerland and put the name DEFACED in the people's minds.
But to be honest, it wasn't that easy to get a chance playing at concerts.

2. Let´s unveil the past of DEFACED, how did the bandmembers come together? I would particularly wish to hear your early moments as Trigger Tones?

It all started with Markus (drums) and Romano (guitar) playing together and searching for other members for the band. Then, through a friend of ours, we met Simon (bass) and he was interested in supporting us on the bass.
After a while we discovered that our ideas of the songs we were making couldn't be played without a second guitarist. So we met Marcel (guitar, obviously). With him, we shared many of our earliest concerts and begin to grow as a band.

3. Speaking of your debut album, tell us something more about it, where it was recorded, mixed and mastered? Did the final product surpass your expectations?

Well, as we said before, we recorded everything in our own studio (HardBeat), which is also our band room. Simon and Romano build the studio and bought all the equipment, etc. and they led the whole recordings and production.
The hardest part of the production was to find a sound we all like. Everybody had different issues about the sounds of each instrument, etc...
Simon and Romano tried to combine this ideas in the record. At the same time we recorded our album, we also recorded an album for our close friends from the band OMNICIDE.
So you can say we put ourselves into a shitload of work, but after this whole lotta work, we are glad to have it done and are more than happy about the result.

4. According to your CD cover illustration and song titles, I noticed that there´s a lot of war/ violence/ concept present in your music. Could you tell us more profoundly about this?

The subject of "War" isn't new, especially in the Death Metal genre. But nonetheless, it is a theme that need to be handled from time to time; as so, it cycles around in history for years over years.
But with our songs and lyrics, we wanted also to describe the character of the persons which are leading these war's or suffering from them, that also can be just an inner war fought by yourself with your daily struggles.

5. What are your thoughts on the human society and the way we treat Mother Earth?

Well, mother earth will definetly stay longer than us. So, some people just need to relax about this.
The planet isn't going anywhere; we are...

6. What do you think about those Death Metal bands which don't really care that much about the lyrics at all? How important do you see the lyrics for your music and as a fan when listening to other bands?

In our opinion the lyrics in the Death Metal genre isn't the most important part. Nevertheless we try to put our lyrics into a whole story within the album. That means the cover artwork, the booklet and the lyrics describing a subject.

7. In my opinion the most profound songs on the album are "Pleassure to Kill" and “Insane Memories” which subsequently made the hair on my arms and neck stand on end.
Is there a particular favorite song of yours that has the most personal meaning to you ?

It isn't a whole song, but part's of them. For Example: At a concert, the headbanging crowd that builds to the first minute of our slow-mo-neckbreaker "Gore House" is just phantastic! It's always great to see people go freakin nuts to our songs.

8. Which elements conserve your music from your very first demos until the most recent full-length album? What was the musical progression? Are you still pleased with your old demos?

It is the element of simplicity, which we try to improve through alternating instruments and vocals.
To keep a song simple yet catchy is one of the hardest things you can do, if you write songs.
In our older demos and records the sound was way more monotonous, maybe you can say a bit rough.
At the time we released our first demo we were more than happy about the result but looking back to this piece, all we can say is never again. Still, it is a part of our band history and we learned from that point on.

9. While playing undisputable death metal, you have an extremely original sound. How do you stay true while implementing so many fresh dynamics into your music?

We gather our influences from all around. It isn't our thing to concentrate on one musical genre and avoid listening to others. We're concious that you can acquire ideas from every style.
A second point is, that our songs developed over the years and in this time we've had many different bands we've listened to and letting ourselves influencing by their sounds. We play what we like and try to evolve from song to song.

10. What do you think is the state of Swiss Death Metal at the moment? Is there still some original young bands?

Just to name a few, which are in our opinion the most asskicking: Disparaged, Carnal Decay, Nihilo, Omnicide, Amagortis, Omophagia, Cremation, Requiem and many more. They're well known in the swiss Death Metal scene and what's missing are the young bands. I can't tell when the last time was we've seen a remarkable new band from switzerland.

12. I’ve noticed your pretty solid technical skills. Are you a self-learner, or do you have some musical education? Do you think that musical education is important, when creating, or playing music? Or both?

Most of us have some kind of musical education. Sure it is better to have help and learning from a professional, but the most important thing is the idea behind what you're trying to do. So if you're stuck with something in your mind, you try and try and then finally you've made it the way you wanted, that's the greatest thing. And exactly in this way, we try to improve ourselves from song to song. So summarized: Get started with the help of a professional, the rest is learning by doing.

13. What are you most proud of achieving as a band, What makes a band special? What is that vital ingredient that separates a good band from a great one?

Playing together and having fun! Seriously, it sounds better if a band plays fucking awesome and has a lot of fun on stage than some bored guys with a shitty attitude trying to impress you with their lazyness. It is this kind of enthusiasm which seperates the greate ones from the rest.

14. Let´s talk about your live performances, Do you have serious opportunities for live shows in Berne?
How many times per month can you play live?

We try to take every chance for playing but it isn't easy to find these opportunities. On average, we play maybe a concert every two months.

15. Let’s meet band on stage. Describe us a DEFACED show, do you keep any special features for the fans to enjoy on stage (extra covers on classic songs, some sage show, or whatever)?

Our shows are build up like we write our songs: Simple yet catchy. We do have some special features, but they are rare. To get an idea of a Defaced show, imagine a Cannibal Corpse show: They all stand in a line on the stage, one leg on the monitor box and let their brutal sound and the impressive headbanging do the job. 

Our goal on stage is similar, but not equal. We always try to build a show that matches the songs and not vice versa. Therefore we use the special features to underline a special part of a song.

And regarding cover songs: We do have some covers, but we only play them on really special shows like CD release shows etc.

16. You all have your regular works and families. How difficult is for you to combine the daily tasks with Winterstrain duties?

Normally its not that difficult, because we have fixed dates to practise and fixed dates for our live shows. If there is an exception, we normally know it weeks before and everyone has enough time do arrange everything besides the band. But there are still problems we struggle with. One of the major problems is the three weeks per year absence of bandmembers for the swiss army.
These absences are individual for every bandmember through out the year. That means about four months were one of us is not available. Especially live shows are always an organizational pain in the ass during such an absence..

17. Before we come to the end, I would like to ask you if you have in plans to TOUR outside of Switzerland,maybe to visit SouthAmerica in the near future?

Hell Yeah! We would like to play some gigs outside of Switzerland. We're ready to conquer new ground and deliver our sound to a whole new crowd.

18. No more questions my friend. Just thanks for your time and good luck for your future plans. Closing is yours…

Thanks for these good questions! We can't wait to see the interview in it's final shape:-)
And thanks to you who read the whole interview and hopefully we see you at a DEFACED show in the near future!



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