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Realized at: 10th, April 2015
(Answers by All members)

"Death metal is like a good old horror story: flesh, blood, bones and jokes, if that makes sense."

1. You are almost 4 years on the scene. Tell us about your evolution as a "band” and getting involved in the scene. What is your opinion on the underground nowadays?  

The core of the band was made up of Amaury (drums) and Hervé (guitar), who had been making music together since they were kids. Before the creation of Death Blood Destroyer, Amaury was actually a bass player. The band then went through several changes which were not always easy to adapt to but, ultimately, it helped us evolve and define who we are as a band. Emmanuel joined us about a year ago and David just replaced our bass player. The pieces of the puzzle have now come nicely together. We’re still growing, gradually, and although we don’t have a clear path to follow (which we don’t see as a negative thing) we feel like we are constantly moving forward.

Death metal is underground in essence, I doubt it could ever become mainstream without losing its singularity. The spirit of Death metal is to have a specific identity, far from traditional musical currents, and totally independent from trends and fashion. It doesn’t pretend to be anything it is not, it doesn’t hope to fit in with anything in particular and the expectations of a specific public are quite frankly irrelevant as well.

And it’s maybe why it speaks to us so much.

It also creates a community of passionate people around the world and we truly love that.

We don't need to make any compromises, we do what we want, and see where it leads us.

2. I love it when I can just by saying the band’s name feel the metal that they play. How important is it that the name is a sort of declaration of intent?

At the beginning the name was a pisstake, a good old cliché which also refers to the bands we used to love as kids. Hervé and Amaury also wanted a straight-to-the-point name, one that leaves no doubt about who we are and what we stand for. It turned out later on that we couldn’t have found a better name and now we wouldn’t change it to save our lives!

And you’re right, this name is a true declaration of faith, we’re here to create mayhem.

3. You just have one release so far, the demo entitled "Human feast". How pleased are you with it? What kind of responses have you received so far?

At first, the purpose of this demo was to give a taster of what we're capable of. We wanted to have material to promote our music, to find concert venues…

It was important for us to make all the recording by ourselves. This wouldn't have been possible without the help of our good friend Emerson (member of Pestifer) who used to play bass with Death Blood.

The main part of Human Feast was recorded in our rehearsal premises, Emerson’s basement and even in his living room, so it’s a real craftwork made with sweat, fun and beers.

The EP exceeded our expectations but in a way it's also already behind us as we are working on the next album.

We received a lot of support from many people. Human Feast continues its journey on the internet and that's so fucking cool.

4. One thing I really love about releases is the artwork, and you really made a great one, Could you tell us where you found these fabulous masterpiece and what would you say is a great album cover? What does it have to contain for it to be great?

Thanks ! Hervé wanted to find an old painting for the cover. He wanted to do something like "Till Death Do Us Part" from Decide. Good paintings never get old!

He found a piece of art which looked like it had been created for us. The colors, the theme, … we knew straight away that it would work for our EP.

It's a painting by Luis Ricardo Falero, a Spanish painter from the 19th century. Check this guy out on internet, you won't be disappointed.

We think that a great album cover has to be connected with the music, it should give you an idea of what the music is about.

5. Would you say that there is a specific concept that you follow? What kind of role do the lyrics play in the band?

Nah, not really. Especially as our background and influences are pretty different. Besides, following a particular trend or subject would create boundaries that we clearly do not want. The only thing that we care about is giving all we’ve got in order to do what we love.

When it comes to the lyrics, they just blend with the music to form a whole. The voice is basically just another instrument and words flow with various meanings depending on what we feel at the time. It could be anything really, from the dumbest meaningless story to a politically or socially engaged subject, although we tend not to take ourselves too seriously and fun remains the main point of what we do.

That doesn’t mean that we take things lightly and arse around: we put in a lot of effort in developing our sound and in creating tracks that are worth sharing out there.

6. Your death metal seems to be both chaotic, and brutal. How do you explain your sound and how does your metal fit in with the rest of the Belgian metal scene?

It’s hard to describe to be honest. Our sound is, in a sense, what we are and what we chose to share. In the beginning, Emerson helped us in creating our sound, then we all came with our own stories, our own moods, and a pretty huge amount of beer, which in turn created other stories that further developed our sound. We now have a kind of a ritual, most of the time we work alone and we share and blend our little mixture when we’re back together. We’re not really looking to sound like anything in particular, we just go with the flow.

We have good mates who do other types of metal and we love playing with them, organising gigs or finishing off the night together in a pub somewhere. One of our best experiences was playing inside of an open truck for a friend’s birthday. Good times!

Anyway, it's important for us to do brutal music, no matter what people may think about our sound and our melodies. We try to make it as strong as we can.

7. Death metal has been around almost 30 years now. How do you feel that it has evolved over time?

Like everything it has evolved in good ways, and in terrible ones.

Fortunately the bands we’ve always looked up to are still here.

We grew up with bands like Cannibal Corpse, Suffocation, Nile, … blasting in our ears and they still show the death metal scene who has the balls.

We prefer bands who play music that gets you in the guts, not overrated or bland sounds.

There is an increasing number of interesting new bands emerging now. But being a "small" band, just as we are, makes it sometimes tough to get recognition.

8. Can we speak of a specific Belgian death metal sound, the way we talk about a Swedish or Finnish? and how would that be?

No idea mate. Belgium is a very small country full of great bands ! A lot of them are passionate people who produce themselves and play death metal for the love of music, no matter how it sounds to others.

To name a few of the Belgian bands that we respect the most: Anthrophagus, Aborted, Dehuman,… and in particular our good friends from Pestifer, Excavated and Putrified J. These guys truly rock and, I guess, constitute what the sound of Belgium would be!

9. Do you have serious opportunities for live shows in your area? How many times per month can you play live?

Opportunities for new bands are quite difficult to find , especially Death Metal ones. But Liège is still quite cool. We have small organisations like Jungle or “La Zone” who really do an amazing job at keeping things going. The latter is probably the best venue in town for metal heads at the moment.

There are also some Facebook competitions where fans choose the bands they want to see live. Not sure if it really qualifies as “serious opportunity”, but we’re not too picky, we’ll take every chance to go on stage.

Actually, we only play 1 or 2 concerts per month. We genuinely love to play and we’d love to travel and share our sound elsewhere too.

10. OK, please define death metal with your own words, and if death metal was a beer, which one would it be?

Death metal is like a good old horror story: flesh, blood, bones and jokes, if that makes sense. Or does it?

Which beer? ahhh, now we’re talking! As you probably know, Beer here in Belgium is more than a way of life, it’s part of our identity. As a matter of fact, we are releasing the second batch of the Death Destroyer beer, you guys have to try it!

Now if we had to choose one that would define us, of course other than our own Death Blood Destroyer brew, that would be a pretty difficult task (there are more than a thousand different beers in Belgium!)…but I think it would be a Trappist beer, say Chimay bleue, Rochefort 8 or Orval, very strong, but still subtle in a way.

11. That’s all from me. I wish you all the best and I thank you warmly for the chance to speak with you.

And thank you for this opportunity to talk about our music. Every chance we get to share our sound is important to us and having friends around the world supporting us is priceless!

We hope to keep in touch!



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