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Date: 16th, April 2013
(Answers by Olle Ekman - Vocalist )


And finally! I got the chance to contact and interview this great band, whose music I really love, they have played in front of huge masses and toured in England, Finland and Japan. They are currently preparing the release of their coming album. Olle, the vocalist talk us about this and another things on the following interview. Enjoy it!

1. Although DEALS DEATH needs no introduction, but in 6 years in metal scene the band have a long history and, ofcourse innumerous interesting things to tell, about tours, ex-members, boycotts, rehearsals, etc...give me a resume about this.

Something really fun that happened in 2012 was after the last gig in Japan, after the Tokyo show, in november. We were supposed to take the subways and another train to the outskirts of Tokyo 30 minutes before midnight. That was the plan, so we didn't have much time after the gig to pack our gear, merchandise and the rest
We planned to sleep outside of Tokyo to take a train to the airport in the morning. We decided to scratch that plan and begin another plan. The new plan was to stay at Shibuya Cyclone, the venue in Tokyo, buy as many beers as possible and party with the fans and other bands. The next train to the airport from Tokyo were to leave at 06:30 in the mourning and the venue closed at around 30 minutes after midnight. So that left us with a long time with nothing to do in the streets of Tokyo. Luckily, our tour managers Ben and Fay managed to find a restaurant that stayed open until the morning. So we partied there all night with the friends in Bloodshot Dawn and Serenity In Murder. It was an idiot plan in the middle of the night in Tokyo. But we managed to get to the airport in time. 

2. I am very curious about your past as a metal musician. How and when did you first get into this music, what attracted you the most what were your hops for your future, how much of it you achieved so far?

When Metallica released the Black album in 1991 I was 8 years old. I started listen to that and really liked it. But when I was that small I didn't know about death metal. I listened to Mettalica and Queen back then, I still do by the way. About 2001 I started to play in my first real bands before I turned 18. Short after that I discovered that brutal music was around, began listening to Slayer and At The Gates, that sort of stuff. In 2002 I heard the album "Crowned in Terror" by The Crown, I was totally blown away and by then, all kinds of violent music infected my brain in a rapid pace. Also in 2002 I started to sing growl, my first band in which I sang was called DÖD which means death in swedish. The most attractive thing about it was that you could be as violent you wished on stage and get rid of all my extra energy and at the same time play great music and express my artistic side in the performances. And my hopes was simply to be able to play a lot of concerts in the future and sort of travel with the music, much like people in sports does. Since I didn't set out any real goals back then all that I achive feels really good and I'm sucheding all the time you can say. The goals in my music career are being set up now as an adult. And goals are still to travel with the music.. but now an important goal for me is to be able to do this for a living.

3. I am curious to know more things about your latest CD "Elite". Tell us something about the main idea of the 9 tracks?

The main idea was to create an album with an increased feeling of power and epicness. And the lyric ideas focus around the attitudes among the rulers of the world, the Elite behind all companies and large markets, how they control everything as they please, It also deals with how an elite- thinking my affect the thoughts and feelings that people have.

4. I guess you are already in procces of composing new songs for a next album. What elements are going to be different for this new songs as compared to the older material?

Yes, the new album is already recorded. I can't tell you much about how the upcoming album will be like. But I can promise a greater variety in terms of overall material, from very fast and violent to more powerful and epic tunes. When you buy our next album, there will definately be more death metal, with all its components, for the money you pay for the album.

5. Let´s talk about CDcovers. How important do you think the coverartwork is for an album? Should it in some way tell the buyer what they can expect from the music and do you think your covers manages to do that well?

I think it is important, after all that's first thing you see when you look at an album. But I think it was even more important a few decades ago when new music basically was the same thing as a CD or an LP. It should be something that catches the eye first and foremost but I think that it's a good thing if the artwork, music and the bands overall image all shape a cohesive product which makes the buyer go "Aha, this is Deals Death" It should give a hint about the music and I think it shows in our artwork. 

6. How do you perceive the advances of technology and the internet changing the music industry in the future? Will the CD as a product become a fanatic’s item like the LP is nowadays?

People expect things to more and more accessible nowadays and the same goes for music and other medias. So I think that tangible products will be items of the more serious collectors. But I don't see this as a negative thing necessarily. As long as people who play music, go on tours and perform get the money they deserve. If everyone tries to get music for free and expect music to be free.. than the creative music industry as we know it will almost disappear, that's what I think. Formats will change and that's not bad as long as there's some kind of justice. 

7. So speaking of your record label, How is SPINEFARM Records treating you? Are you happy with what they are doing?

We are all good friends and they are treating us professional and supportive. You might know that there's not such a thing as a totally happy or satisfied musician, haha. But being newcomers on Spinefarm we have recieved great help and support and hope for even more in the future of course. 

8. I believed that every band has their own way in composing music… so how do you proceed with a song-writing? What elements highly emphasized during the song-writing period?

The songwriting usually starts with one of the guitarists having an idea of a basic song arrangement. After that the song is shared among the members for some additional ideas and possible re-arrangements. When the song is said to be done I start working on the lyrics and arranging them at the same time. I don't write lyrics in advance, I write at the time of the arrangement, perhaps I 'll try out some other methods in the future as well.
The most emphasized elements in the songwriting period is rhythm guitars and keyboards. 

9. Pick a song from the album "Elite" that you feel to be the most interesting lyrically, musically or having a good story about it and tell me about it.

" Fortified". The story is about a person who gets hold of secret documents with a content so important that he gets killed for it. It aspires to show that the ordinary people are not told the truth and when they are, they're only told parts of it. A sceptic approach to media is very sensible nowadays.

10. What are the most memorable shows that you played? I think this is a very good chance to talk about your huge experience on performing together with the symphony orchestra of Dalarna.

The Symphony orchestra was a really cool thing but it is the audience that makes the biggest impression in the long term. I must say that the show in Shibuya Cyclone - Tokyo, November 18th last year, was amazing, simply amazing. Sold out show, great fans who even stayed for well over an hour after the show. Al of the Japanese shows were great but Tokyo was clearly something special for us and we wan't to go back there as soon as possible! 

11. What do you think is the state of swedish scene at the moment and the so called "Gothemburg style"? Is there stagnation and a repetitive imitation of the pioneers bands on this genre or there still some original young bands?

The bands from Gothenburg that we all know about rose up from the thrash/death scene and created something new in the early 90's. It's more difficult to create that same fresh feeling now, so there's some stagnation you could say. But I think there will be more famous bands from Gothenburg for sure, as long as the bands aren't afraid to add elements to the sound or the live show. Deals Death definitely aspire to do so and contribute to the development of the Gothenburg sound and the swedish sound over all. 

12. What do you think about the current metal sound where everything has to be so melodic, polished, nice and easy listening to? Do you listen to this style as well or do you just keep listening to the old LP´s from 80´s/90´s?

There are not so many bands nowadays who provide much feeling for me. Older bands have more of that I think. But I think the audience demands the different medias of today to produce things faster and in greater quantities, and at the same time to a high quality. With that as a starting point there's not as much effort, sweat blood and tears in todays medias such as music and movies, because there's simply no patience among people to have time to stop, wait and anticipate.. thus less organic feeling and emotion. 

13. what can you tell us about your personal life aside of musician aspect? how many years old? Some words about your family, your daily job, girlfriend and hobbies.

I was born in 1983, may 13, so I'm almost 30 now. I'm single, living in an apartment in Falun, Sweden. I have just completed the swedish equivalence to a College education, I now have a teachers degree. So I basically work as a teacher now, it's really cool! I like sports, music, science, movies, good drinking, working out and of course the best: playing metal live! 

14. Top 5 Albums You've Been Listening to lately.

Psycroptic - The inherited repression
Bloodshot Dawn - Bloodshot Dawn
Testament - Dark Roots of Earth
Katatonia - Dead End Kings
The Forsaken - Beyond Redemption

15. What are your greatest achievements and downfalls? What DEALS DEATH needs to become a top death metal band?

There are no downfalls in ones music career, of course you are dissapointed sometimes but this is what you learn from, I don't consider these occasions to be downfalls. The sum of our efforts during 2012 is our greatest achievement I think.
As a new band we realeased our first physical album, our second music video, played at House Of Metal, toured England, Finland and Japan. We also played at Sweden Rock Festival and Rockstad: Falun, plus some swedish shows with Dark Tranquillity. So this was a great year for us !
We need to tour a lot and advance as a live act. We need to let the world know that we exist, this is the same for every metal band I think.

16. Ok man, I think we have come to the end, it has been a very interesting chattting, could you please tell us something about your coming plans?

Our coming plans of course involves the release of our newly recorded album, we will have more information on that later on. Plans also involved touring which we cannot announce before the promotors, so this also have to wait You will see new merch and a heavier live show !!
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/ Olle - Deals Death


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