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Date: 20th, March 2013
(Answers by Ewza "FleshGrinder"-  Guitars/Vocals )

What can I say about this brutalizing trinity? The mastermind behind this band is my friend Ewza, who is also responsible for the compositions in another two bands: IMPURE VIOLATION and FACEGRIDNER, also he is the owner at UNGRATEFUL DEAD PROMOTIONS Agency, how the fuck this monster is able to arrange everything at the same time?? Discover it for yourself within this long chat I had with him.  

1. Hails Ewza, how are you today?? I woul like to start talking about the inception of this brutal trinity and how difficult was to finally release this full lenght after 8 years of existence?

Hailz brother, 'the brutal trinity' haha love it! Well it all started back in 2005, I originally intended to do vocals for a death metal band I dreamt up in the shed one day, at the time I was also playing bass guitar and had put a few riffs together so I made a few demo songs. When I finally had a few more songs together I met up with Paul Wachla (drums) and started jamming out a couple songs. We got pretty busy with work/commitments which put things on hiatus for awhile, until I met up with Sambo Marwick (guitar/bass) and finally recorded the Corpseflesh self titled EP. It wasnt too long before we were picked up by Ungodly Ruins productions and finally the album took shape and was released February. 

2. All of you are or had been ever involved in another bands besides playing in CORPSEFLESH. what´s the reason for that? Are you trying to expand your different muscial ways in different directions?

Well, 'the brutal trinity' (Facegrinder, Corpseflesh, Impure Violation) was my doing as I just kept writing songs in my spare time. The direction wasnt too different but enough to be 3 different bands of slam, death and grind. As tiring as 3 bands can be, its also a nice change and each band has its own level of fun to be had. Most of us play in each others bands as its hard to find the right people who can play your own style of music. So it wasnt so much for different directions but more about availability and ability even, i guess..

3. I can find several descriptions for your music: Brutal death Grindcore, GrindGore, Slamming Death, How the fuck should I eat this shit?? Give us your personal description about your brutal sickness Please!

As long as it goes down you can eat it how you want haha, but personally I would describe Corpseflesh as Brutal Death/Grind, for the relentlessly violent lyrics and punishing yet grinding riffs like Gorgasm and Cannibal Corpse. Facegrinder would be Death/Grindcore as it was more influenced by bands like Insect Warfare, Napalm Death, Gadget and has some nice grooves. Finally, Impure Violation as Brutal Death/Slam, for its morbid slams and death metal riffs, mainly influenced by Pathology and Abominable Putridity. 

4. Let’s meet band on stage. Describe us a CORPSEFLESH Show, How you manage to transfer the violence and force of your brutal music on stage?

Unfortunately, we havent actually played a show yet, we spent our time at work, recording the album and playing shows with our other bands that we just havent gotten around to it yet. But still, we've jammed a set out a few times, with Dayle Edmondson (Befallen, Facegrinder) on vocals. I can definately say the sound is lethal and very violent, but we are yet to see how it works on stage. Hopefully we do the album justice.

5. I realize you are definitely into horror, right? What are some of your favorites films or books? And do you like any of the more recent mordern horror movies? If you could compare CORPSEFLESH to a movie what would it be?

YES, I love horror!! I really dig the first 4 Hellraiser movies, Friday the 13th, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, theyre the kind of movies I love and definately influence lyrics for Corpseflesh and Impure Violation. I prefer the original movies from the 80's era, the special effects for horror/gore was just right in my opinion. My favourite all time movie is Dune, that movie inspired some of the lyrics for Facegrinder in a science fiction kind of way. I dont read much but if I had to pick it would be something from Stephen King. To compare Corpseflesh to a movie though, I would have to say I Spit On Your Grave. Its nasty and violent, especially towards women, but then at the same time, its not just the women that take some real bad punishment and abuse. Call it an equal misuse of the sexes haha!! 

6. Your song titles and art/imagery are utterly bizarre and sickening as we already said. It is time to talk about the cover artwork concept and the artist (Arthur Ryabov) who made this piece of shit.

Hahaha, I dont actually know much about the artist (Arthur Ryabov), I was discussing the concept with the label and the ideas were given to him. The title track being Tattooed by a Blowtorch, it was obviously going to be a gruesome sight for sure, but Arthur took it to another level for us by making it look like a serial offender with trophies of his victims around the room. We never really mentioned whether a female or male was involved, but typically with a woman being slaughtered in anyway offensive, we were definately going to catch some attention, even if we hadnt been heard yet. 

7. What are some of your interests, occupations and hobbies outside of composing sick music? And at this point I would like you to talk us about UNGRATEFUL DEAD Promotions, what it exactly is?

Besides the music I dont do too much really, typically im an unemployed musician haha, so when im not grinding away on the guitar I play some xbox or go for a skate with the lads. As for Ungrateful Dead Promotions - being unemployed, in 3 bands and managing another band (Chainsaw Abortion), I took it upon myself to help promote our bands through one page to help get a bit more publicity and to also sell the bands merchandise from 1 page instead of managing 3/4 different online stores. Originally just for our local bands, but ill be helping promote bands from overseas in Australia. Its a slow process at the moment as I´ve just started, but hopefully it grows and I can help alot more bands out. 

9. Said that, I would like to ask what are you most proud of achieving as a band, and have there been any defining moments that stand out in your memories?

I think releasing our first album for Corpseflesh is definately the proudest moment as a band, especially for me personally. We definately feel like we accomplished something and the feedback has been amazing. We've definately had some kick ass and funny moments, Facegrinder played an awesome show in december last year, the first time we had people stage diving and moshing like crazy. A day ill never forget though was the day we jammed all 3 bands (IV, CF and FG) and Chainsaw Abortion also rehearsed. It was very sweaty and tiring, but definately a brutal day to be had!!

10. What makes a band special? What is that vital ingredient that separates a good band from a great one?

So many things really, from an outside perspective and for me personally, I need the intensity, emotion, the stuff that sends shivers down the spine. Being in a band, its definately about the chemistry between band members and the love of the music. It all comes down to having fun though, with the band, with the fans, as long as your having fun it can work.

11. What are your thoughts about the underground scene and the Australian scene in particular? For how long have you been listening to Metal? With which bands did you start?

The underground scene is awesome, and ever growing. Theres always a band I havent heard yet and most are pretty damn heavy and amazing. The Australian scene itself, in my eyes, seems to be getting better as the years roll on, being in Western Australia were a little distant from the stronger part of the scene, but that doesnt stop bands from interacting with one another. Everyone seems friendly enough haha. Ive always loved metal, i grew up listening to Black Sabbath and Deep Purple and in my teens it was typically bands like Korn, Slipknot, Pantera and Sepultura. Eventually learning of heavier bands like Dying fetus, Cannibal Corpse and Cryptopsy was what got me into playing music. Definately a good genre for venting haha.

12. In your opinion, how much did the death metal scene change compared to the late '80-s/early '90-s?

I wasn´ t really in the scene for the 80's and 90's as I was still growing up without much influence for death metal, but from what I´ve seen and heard its very fresh and raw, and a whole lot of fun. I think these days everyone either takes it alot more seriously or they dont. I dont know what the old school days were like but there is a lot of ego nowadays and a lot of pressure. To be faster, to be heavier, to be more technical, production quality.. The fun is still there to be had though. 

13. Tell us please a few words about your early rehearsals, about your rehearse room? How often did you rehearse? Did you take the rehearses serious or was it a fun for you? Drunken jammings, girls, beer and metal ha-ha!

As usual, rehearsing at first is a daunting task, learning songs and playing in time can put on some pressure, but as you get better the jams become alot more fun, especially when you finally nail a song, you can walk out of rehearsal feeling good. We rehearse at Dayle's house where he has a decent sized room to jam and hang out in. Obviously we take learning and playing the songs seriously but we have fun doing it, girlfriends (if any) are sometimes there but I cant say girls are there for fun specifically haha, nothing wrong with a beverage in between songs, but I prefer the green stuff myself After rehearsal we just chill out and listen to new death metal bands, pretty sweet really. 

14. How are the band relation with your record-label? Are you satisfied with them? How do you perceive the advances of technology and the internet changing the music industry in the future? Will the CD as a product become a fanatic’s item like the LP is nowadays?

I think the CD already has become a fanatic's item. Most people seem to be downloading music today rather than buying CDs, which isnt too much of a problem as bands can still charge fans a price for downloading their music. Its nice to see someone has bothered downloading your tunes, but when someone actually orders a CD it makes you feel good, a physical copy of what you put out being appreciated. Both have their advantages and disadvantages I guess. As for the record label, Ungodly Ruins Productions, although on the otherside of the world we get along very well and we are stoked with the effort the label has put in for us, we couldnt be more thankful. We would love to visit Russia and return the favour with a tour one day! 

15. Let´s talk about feelings, What are your spontaneous reaction when you hear the word love? Something beautiful or miserable...or what ? Is it one of the most difficult things to deal with in life ?

What is love? Baby dont hurt me, dont hurt me, no more..

16. What does the future hold for CORPSEFLESH? Does the band plan to just keep on making albums and doing shows until you're all 70..?

To be playing Corpseflesh at the age of 70 would definately be something haha. Were just taking everything as it comes right now, eventually hit the stage and see where that takes us. A 2nd album has already been written but we'll take our time of course as the 1st has just been released. As long as I keep writing, Corpseflesh will be around. 

17. Before we come to the end, please tell the readers where we can buy your album and how we can reach the band.

Well you can order the album straight from myself/the band at ungratefuldead.bigcartel.com , or you can get it from Infinite Regress Records, Ungodly Ruins Productions and Sevared Records. Also available on Itunes. If you want to contact the band the best place is the Corpseflesh band page on facebook. 

18. Ok dude, it was a nice chat, some last words you need to add?

Work hard, be good to your mother.. Haha thank you dude, and thanks to anyone/everyone that supports us, thats what keeps bands going!! \m/


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