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Fecha/Date: 11.07.2010
 (Made During a Chat Session in the Messenger)

1. Hails My bro, it is a very hot weather over there, how do you feel? I would like to know about your beginnings in 2004 with EXPERIMENT 666, it was difficult all the large way until what is CARNYX at this time?

To start, it is very hot here, hehe it is currently over 30 degrees, and yes, there have been many problems. 
Experiment 666 was a solo project but I started looking for people to work with. 
I had found a few but to this date, I can only remember 2 people who met up to my standards.
Writing music has never been a problem though, I have lots of music written in tabs, and many lyrics. 
But I'm not very good at promoting my music and I hesitate alot, So finding a label took a long while, and only recently 
my first demo has been released. The same with gigs; I think Carnyx did 3 in total, maybe a bit more, so right now, 
Carnyx is a solo project again. I also need time for studying.

2. So, now please tell us abit about your recently released DEMO, how did you reached these deals and how do you feel about final result? Is there included your newer stuff or just old songs you had in the desktop?

Everything on that demo is at least 2 years old and so is the stuff I am recording right now, so I'm trying not to write 
new stuff, but finish what I have and there is alot to be finished, hehe.

I contacted a few labels, and at first I was planning to release the demo myself, with the help of friends but 
Beneath the Fog got back to me and said they would release it. My first recordings ever, were crap and so were the first 2 
demo's I have made but right now I am satisfied with the final version that is out on cd and I like the artwork aswell. 
It's simple, but it works. The lyrics for the song 'Giants' and the 2 covers on my demo are recent though, 
those are not that old.

3. "Wanorde & Weerzin" has been released on tape and CD format, would you also like to release it on vinyl format? Any offers from label for this?

I dont think there will be much demand for my demo anyway, the CD version is out in 100, and I have no idea how many have 
been sold, since I cant find Beneath the Fog anywhere. They sent me the agreed 10 copies, so they're only screwing 
themselves by not selling my stuff. I think they're working stuff out, because they want to become a distro only. 
I would like to release the next album on vinyl, if I can but I've only had an offer for tape and the only reason I did 
“Wanorde & Weerzin” on tape was because Oldenblood made the proposal. I dont really think Carnyx belongs on tape, 
to be honest, hehe.

4. I notice there is a lot of celtic and pagan elements on your music/artworks/logo and whole image. 
What can you tell us about this matter and give us some details about the person who made your logo and artworks for the CD?

I'll start with the pagan aspect; I got into paganism myself when I was about 14 or 15 I think. 
It was not very serious at that time though, hehe, but my knowledge has progressed, and I do take it very seriously now.

Belgium has been inhabited by both Celtic and Germanic peoples and most of the cultural things you can find here nowadays 
are Germanic. But, like the band Waelcyrge, who are also from my country, I am interested in both cultures. 

Paganism for me has become more of a view on life, instead of just a subject in my music and I want to do something 
interesting and new. Everyone writes lyrics about the myths and such, but I try to do something deeper, 
if I have succeeded or not is up to the listener. 

Now about the logo; I actually made that myself and it is the second logo I have done for Carnyx. 
The old one can be found on myspace aswell. The artwork has been made by Peter from Astur graphics. 
I told him what I wanted to have on my cover, and he made it for me. I am satisfied with it, 
and I want to work with him again on the next release.

5. Aside for the nice thrash and death elements (without mention the nice guttural voices in "I will Hunt you Down" song) included on your music I can find great fast riffs and melodic passages, as well as very good solos. Can you explain us about your writing process and how do you attain to compose such great elements on your music?

First of all, thanks alot for the nice comment. I always do music first, sometimes with an idea for lyrics and a 
theme in my head, sometimes just with an idea for the music itself. 
I always wanted to do something that is technical and interesting to listen to, but it should not be to wild or over the top. 
I love technical death metal like Psycroptic and Spawn of Possession, but that's not what I have in mind for Carnyx.
Keeping everything interesting is probably the most important part. I once found out that very often the best song on an 
album is the song that is different from the others. The one that has something unique. 
So, I thought : why not try to make all of the songs unique?

One way to do that, for me, is to incorporate lots of elements from different metal types that I like and other music aswell, 
and the reason why I can make stuff complex is because I use guitar pro. 
I can put everything on the tab, and listen to it, and make alot of adjustments until I think it is perfect. 
So I don't really need pre-production or anything, guitar pro is actually my pre-production. 

6. Let´s concentrate us now on the vocal aspect, there is a varied amount of shapes on your vocal parts, mainly raw on the overall image, also guttural ones on "I will Hunt.." and then very epic and clean and some blackish on "Förkastad Och...", I am fucking impressed by this, how do you work on overall and what kinds of influences you got on this aspect?

Hehe, thanks again for the comment. One reason why I did the Ultima Thule cover is exactly because it has the clean singing,
I was making a sort of bridge towards the next albums, because those have more clean singing. 

I cant really remember why I picked the more mid tone screaming to be my main style of vocals but again, 
I want to keep stuff interesting with the vocals aswell and just use different things from time to time. 

I guess for my normal scream I like to have it a bit understandable, and not to fat, because it's not completely death metal. 
With my low vocals I guess I was trying to do it nice and deep, like John Gallagher from Dying FeI have lots of stuff to 
use to keep my music diverse.

7. However I have to complain about the drums, what is a big problem I guess, because it sacrificate alot of strong to the music, why you did´t used a normal drum??

Ah yes, the drum is something I'm not completely satisfied about either. 
I simply don't have the money to pay for a studio to get actual drums in my music (everything I do is recorded and mixed at
my home). I have to say though, I am now using a different drum program, which can be heard on a few songs on myspace, 
and that sounds much more real. It has always been sort of a dream though, to one day have real, 
nicely produced drums in Carnyx. I'll probably play them myself, but I could also look for someone who could do it for me, 
but this is all stuff for the future; right now I am satisfied with my current drum computer.

8. Talking about your taste for making covers from other bands, I really like the one you made from FINTROLL, you did it really very well and perfectly performed. Which other bands had you covered and which ones would be included for the coming album? And yes, the drums sounds more real now.

The finntroll cover was something I did to try out Guitar Rig, for guitar sound, and to work on an overall sound 
(mostly drums) to use on the album but i'm thinking of properly recording it, and having it on an album someday. 
I will ofcourse do the lyrics in Swedish if I do, but I may do them in my own dialect. There are no songs on the demo in 
dialect yet, but the album will have those. Live, we've done Troops of Doom by Sepultura, and Black Magic by Slayer, 
but never recorded those. I also did a Bathory cover, which is on myspace. I have lots of idea's for covers, 
but I don't know for certain about any right now.

9. Some of the samples from your newer songs are very strong and varied as usual, although I can notice even more perfection on them. Do you have any plans to release it on a larger label and have a larger promotion/distribution of your talent?

That is something I've been looking and hoping for for a long time now, but I still have to get there, 
and I need promotion to be interesting for big labels. I have a few second thoughts about very big labels though, 
because Carnyx is a very personal thing, and I want to be in control of as much as possible. 

I have heard stories about labels sending producers to the studio who can say what makes it to the record and what doesn't, 
and I don't want that for Carnyx. That's something for very big labels though, and I don't expect to get into a big deal 
like that in the next 5 years, hehehe.

10. Tell us some words about your participation on VALHALLAS´s Compilation CD tribute to QUorton. How did it work? Did you also liked the other bands included on it? How many copies of that album was pressed and selled (if you know)?

I am very sad to announce that that compilation never came out and I don't know if it ever will, and yes, 
I liked bands that participated on it. I cant remember all of them right now, but I know my countrymen Theudho and 
Waelcyrge (then still called Wapenspraak en Drinkgelag) were on it aswell. I believe Wicked Music was supposed to 
bring it out, but i don't know what the current plans are.

11. Let´s talk abit about your personal aspect, how many years old are you? What are some of your interests, occupations and hobbies outside of composing magnificent music?

I am now 19 years old, my interests are in alot of things, and obviously my biggest hobby is music.

I started with classical guitar and I've been doing that for 10 years now, electric guitar for 8 years, 
and I dont know about drums and bass, but I've probably been doing that for 5 years. 
I study classical guitar at a music academy in my hometown, and I also take a course in music theory which is about harmony 
and such. This may ruin my metal outlook, but I have also been in the choir of that academy for a bit more than 2 years. 
It was a part of the program there, so i did it. 

I study history at the university of Leuven and that helps me in finding inspiration for lyrics actually; 
I have access to many scientific articles in the database of the KU Leuven. 

That's mostly it, besides that I do what most people do : read some books now and then, watch movies, drink beer, 
nothing special.

12. Despite CARNYX is a relatively young band I would like to ask what are you most proud of achieving as a band, and have there been any defining moments that stand out in your memory?

One very cool thing was when it was still a full band. We did a gig in 2006 called 'Limburg Underground', and we recorded 
a song for the compilation cd that went with the gig. It was my first contact with a studio (like I said, all I do
is recorded at home), and it was the first time for me and the others to play on a relatively big stage. 
We opened the gig and not many people showed up, but it was still fun. 

Another nice moment was playing at Vlamrock, where the (small) place was full, to my big surprise, and when the 
microphone turned out not to work, people just stayed to watch us playing even if they could not hear any lyrics! 
It was awesome, and sometimes I still get nice feedback from it, even if that was 2 years ago. 

Getting my demo printed by an actual label was nice aswell of course, even if everything took some time, 
compared to other bands, hehe.

13.. Do you prefer history or legends, myths? Which is your favourite age? To which age would you like to travel back in time?

I have chosen the program 'ancient times' at the university and that's the age that interests me alot. 
Ofcourse in medieval times there were still many aspects of culture that were very Germanic, but most of what 
you hear about that period is christian, and not pagan. I'd say those 2 periods are the most interesting to me, 
as for travelling back, I don't think I'd do that at all. There are nice things about life in ancient times, 
but many things are very bad (as far as we know at this moment). 

As much as i can complain about decay of certain things in modern times, I don't think I'd want to go back in time.

14. Are you a winter or summer man? Does Enviroment have an influence on you? Do you have a favourite location within the world?

Oh yes, environment matters, and to be honest I like winter more, especially right now, haha! (30°C is not good for me). 
I like all seasons though. Environment does affect me; I can't think of myself as living in a big city. 

I like the place where i live now the most I guess, hehe.

15. What are some of the ideas/concepts you wish people to have flow through their mind while listening to the art of CARNYX?

Carnyx should be entertainment, first of all. I dont want to change peoples lives or anything.

Perhaps one of the things I'd like to make them aware of is to not forget where you come from; I dont see the point in 
people from my country converting to islam or buddhism, or being interested in very far off cultures in Asia.

Don't get me wrong, other cultures are interesting but people shouldn't forget the beauty of their own culture.

Another thing is to make people from my area aware that the local dialect can be used to do something like this aswell, 
and not just in songs for carnival or schlager music (although that is fun from time to time).

16. Why do you think that Paganism is generally accepted amongst metal circles, whereas other organized forms of religion are ridiculed and parodied?

I have very often wondered about that myself. I guess the viking-trend and pagan-trend adds alot to this. It will pass, 
and to be honest, I don't take 99% of the people wearing the hammer of Thor very seriously. 
I don't think this ridiculing is very serious either (even if the people themselves think it is). 
I know people who wear a hammer, laugh at jesus, and still listen to Iced Earth while I know at least a few guys 
from Iced Earth are convinced christians. Also, as opposed to most of those people, I do not ridicule organised forms of 
religion. I may have done so in the past, but i certainly don't do that anymore.

17. Are you satisfied with the current Belgian metal scene? Could there be any improvements to the 'scene'? Which bands are worth to be mentioned at this time?

I dont know alot about a scene, and if there is one, I'm not much a part of it I think. 

I guess there's the bands in the north-west of the country which all seem to know eachother and with that I'm talking 
about Theudho, Waelcyrge, Heimat and the likes (all three are cool bands). I do know quite a few underground bands from 
my province of which I have to say I like Where Death Lies alot (death metal) and Predatoria (death metal). 

The guy who played bass for Carnyx at Vlamrock is the current singer of 'Natan', who are becoming a big name, 
and he played bass until recently in Gorath, which is a great band. Huldrefolk is cool stuff aswell (black metal), and they
have an awesome drummer and bass player who both play in Fractured Insanity too. I also have to add Vuurdood (black metal), 
who is a friend of mine, and I played classical guitars on his EP.

I do have to note that all of these come from the upper, Dutch speaking part of Belgium, referred to as 'Vlaanderen'. 
I really don't know any bands from the lower part.

18. Let´s talk about some aspect we talked some lines above. I can understand that it's easier for you to express yourself in your native tongue, but what's the meaning when none outside Belgium can understand what are singing about ?

First, I'd like to add that most other people speaking the standard language of Vlaanderen do not even understand, haha. 
I either do lyrics in English, or in my dialect (not the standard language), which sounds a bit like a mix between Dutch and 
German (in some areas this is more obvious than others). 

Also, I don't really see how that should be a problem. Tyr from the Faroer islands are a very big name, and they use their 
native tongue alot. Arkona is an amazing Russian band, and they have no lyrics in English at all, nor do bands 
like Korpiklaani or Finntroll (though their success may have a bit to do with the whole 'folk metal' trend, hehe). 
It's the other way around aswell, Natan has lots of Dutch lyrics (in fact, Natan has not even printed the lyrics of 
their most recent album), and they're doing well. Heidevolk is doing even better, and their lyrics are all Dutch, 
the list goes on ..

19. Well Bro, I guess we are close to finish, I would like to know some of your nearest plans and activities in the coming months.

Most of that activity will be studying unfortunately, but I have to plans to finish my album, and start work on the next 
after that and try to find a suitable label in the meanwhile, and hopefully, when I have finished my studies, 
I can start thinking about playing live with Carnyx again.

20. - Well, that would be all for the moment...thanks very much for your time. If you have anything to add in the end to conclude this interview.

Behave, enjoy life, and support Carnyx.

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