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Realized at: 02nd, March 2014
(Answers by Jeroen Rijpstra - Guitars)

"...I think deathmetal is the kind of metal to push boundaries. Every time you think it can not be faster and more brutal, a new band more sick and faster will arise. It is only a matter of time..."

1. You have been formed in 2005, however you have been playing as former band called TEMPLE OF ETERNITY. Could you tell us a bit about this transition and how have you developed as musicians during all this 15 years of trajectory?

Hey Gorthaur, in the first place I'd like to thank you for your interest in our band and for letting us participate into this great project of deathmetalbands worldwide! Yeah, that's right, in 1998, in the early days, we've started this band with a couple of good friends.Those days, our main influences were bands like PARADISE LOST, AMORPHIS, SEPULTURA and PANTERA. Not the brutal bands as we like nowadays, you can say it took us some time to grow into the sickness hahaha! The music we wrote at first sounded thrashy, with doomy, melodic parts. Sito, our vocalist, just came back from vacation from Egypt. He was fascinated by the huge temples and pyramids which he had seen there. It seemed like the pharaos live forever by their temples, although they are dead for centuries. So he came up with the bandname TEMPLE OF ETERNITY. We liked it because it sounded a little doomy and it had to do with life and death. We've recorded three demo-cd's (ICED-1999, VISIONS OF THE BLIND-2000 and a PROMO in 2003). But we liked brutal music more and more, like bands as MORBID ANGEL and CANNIBAL CORPSE. So our songwriting became more brutal, our band sounded more brutal. We did shows time by time, and we loved to play, but it wasn't easy to get gigs. Our bandname didn't fit to our musicstyle anymore, bookers and programmers thought we were a doom / gothic band because TEMPLE OF ETERNITY sounded that way. So in 2005, we decided to change our name into BRAINCASKET. In 2006 we released a CD/DVD called SATISFACTION OF PUTREFACTION, a cd with 6 deathmetal tracks and a DVD with an official music video, studio report video and live footage. It was a nice, but very expensive product. But musically, it wasn't good enough to get bigger shows. At that time, we suffered from a couple of changes in our line-up. But then Johan (bass) and Martin (drums) joined our band, both well-experienced musicians who like brutal deathmetal a lot! From that moment, we were able to take BRAINCASKET to a higher level, we were able to play fast deathmetal with blastbeats.The first year with this new line-up was a time to grow together as musicians and friends. But we did a couple of shows and we wrote new material together, so Martin and Johan could bring up their ideas into our music too. So everybody feels the same importance in the band, we're a team and we play only music that we all like.
Because of the high technical drumskills of Martin, everybody in the band was able to improve their own playing techniques. Martin also brought up a lot of new influences, he introduced us to sick bands as GORGASM, INGESTED, ORIGIN, UNMERCIFUL, DEEDS OF FLESH, CARNIVORE DIPROSOPUS, FLESH GOD APOCALYPSE, HOUR OF PENANCE, etc, etc. In 2011, Peter, a good friend of ours and former bandmember of Johan and Martin joined our band with his sick growling and pigsqueels, so since then, we've got two sick vocalists. So with these new bandmembers and influences you could say that BRAINCASKET 2.0 has been born hahaha!
In the same year, we released our first demo with this new line-up, called METHODS OF PERSUASION. It contains 3 brutal tracks, including SICK SENSE OF ACID, which you can find on the cd sampler. Fast blastbeats are varied with slow pumping headbang riffs, combined with aggressive dual growls. People like it, we got great reviews and since then, we we're able to play on bigger FESTS!

2. Despite all this time of existence, you have not been able to release a full lengh album yet. What´s the main reason for this? Which would you consider the hardest part about being a Underground band?

The main reason is that we still need to find out the right way for recording, mixing and mastering it. We cannot afford a professional studio for recording all the instruments, so we have to do this by ourselves mostly. We consider to record the drums only at a professional studio. Nowadays, the technical skills and production of brutal deathmetal albums are skyhigh, so we have to do it right. I think money is the hardest part of being an underground deathmetalband.  

3. Talking about the live aspect of the band, I notice you are a very active one. Could you tell us a little bit about your main shows so far and specially your participation on bigger fests such as STONEHENGE Open Air, DOKKEM Open Air,  LWD DeathFest, FREEZE Festival and LEEUWARDEN Deathfest?

Fuck yeah, we love doing shows, the more, the better hahaha! It's great to bang your fucking head off on stage playing sick music with your friends, seeing people going crazy in the pit in front of you! We love to check out other sick bands doing their shows, to meet other people and drink a couple of beers with them. I think that's what it's all about!
 Yeah, we had the honor to support ORIGIN at their show in Tilburg NL (Little Devil). Great guys, it was nice to meet them and to drink a couple of beers with them. And of course, they are awesome musicians!! It was amazing checking out their fabulous technical skills live!
To play at the STONEHENGE FESTIVAL (NL) with MISERY INDEX, DECAPITATED, SEVERE TORTURE, and a lot of other bands, was also a dream of ours come true. Almost every year before, we went to the festival to check out great local and international bands. And every year, we wondered how it should be to play on the mainstage, in front of that audience. And in 2011, we had the opportunity to play there and to present our new demo! It was fucking awesome!!
Another great festival is DOKK'EM OPEN AIR (NL), a two-days festival with a lot of big international bands! In 2012, we had the honor to play there, together with OBITUARY, ARCH ENEMY, WORMROT, THE GATHERING, PRO-PAIN, HAIL OF BULLETS, and a lot of other great bands. It was killer to play on such a big stage in front of lots of people! And at the backstage, we could eat and drink as much as we wanted with the guys from those bands!

Last year, we played at HOUTEN DEATHFEST, one of the biggest underground festivals of the Netherlands, that was fucking great!! We played with COTE D'AVER, KADAVERFICKER, CHORDOTOMY, ENCEPHALOPATY, INTERNAL SUFFERING and CARNIVORE DIPROSOPUS a.o. (the next day), great brutal bands and a great audience going crazy during endless circlepits!!

In september that year, we also played at LEEUWARDEN DEATHFEST (NL) with COTE D'AVER, BURNING HATRED, ICONS OF BRUTALITY and CARNIVORE DIPROSOPUS. It was a great festival, we met a lot of friends again and it was also great to meet the guys from CARNIVORE DIPROSOPUS again, really great guys, dedicated to deathmetal to the bone, playing awesome brutal deathmetal!!
Also ROTTERDAM DEATHFEST (NL) last year was fucking awesome!! We played with BLEEDING GODS, VOMITOUS, DEFEATED SANITY and PUTRIDITY, deathmetal brutality to the max!!  We had a lot of beers with the guys from PUTRIDITY, great guys!!

This year in January we had the big honor to play with KATAKLYSM, KRISIUN and FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE!! Incredible!! Martin, our drummer had the honor to play the drumkit from FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE! That was really killer!! It was also great that the guys from KRISIUN had watched our show! Later on, during their show, they mentioned twice that they liked our show, that's a really big compliment!!

4. And keeping the matter about FESTs, you are going to take part on ROTTERDAM Deathfest on December and NICE TO EAT YOU Deathfest next year. How you feel about having the chance to share stage with such brutal bands and massive audience?  

We are really looking forward to play at NICE TO EAT YOU DEATHFEST (CZ) this year, with COTE D'AVER, VULVECTOMY, GUTALAX, CARNIVORE DIPROSOPUS, VOMITOUS, MASTER, FLESHLESS and a lot of other sick bands!! It's an honor to play there, and it will be a lot of fun to drink a couple of beers with the people there and to watch the sick bands playing!!  

5. It is hard thinking ho you attained such great opportunities without having a whole CD as a product. So in your opinion which have been your main outstanding points as a band?

As I mentioned before, we're a team and we play only music that we all like. So we are one hundred percent motivated when we play together. Not only on stage, but also in the rehearsal room. That's the real power of BRAINCASKET. Maybe that's the reason why we attain great opportunities to play on bigger fests without having a whole CD as a product. Playing our fucking balls off, no matter how many (or little) people are watching our show. People notice that. They get our energy and we get energy from them. So one gig leads to another.
Another thing is that we promote our band as much as we can. Facebook and Reverbnation are great tools to connect to people and that helps us a lot. It takes a lot of time, but if you really want to play, you have to work for it. As a band, you may have released great full lenght CD's, but if you keep sitting at home, doing nothing and waiting for people to call you for gigs, nothing will happen.  

6. I am curious to know more things about your plans for a future recording? Would that possible to know some advanced details?

Yeah, there are plans for recording our debut CD. We've almost got enough material for a full lenght. But we still need to find out the right way to record it. We cannot afford a professional studio for recording all the instruments, so we have to do this by ourselves mostly. We consider to record the drums only at a professional studio. Nowadays, the technical skills and production of brutal deathmetal albums are skyhigh, so we have to do it right.

7. What are some of your interests, occupations and hobbies outside of composing sick music?

My girlfriend and my two children for the most of time haha! Also my job as a graphic designer, watching movies and series and of course going out to concerts checking out brutal bands!!  

8. How would you define death metal?  In your opinion, how much did the death metal scene change compared to the late '80-s/early '90-s?  

I think deathmetal is the kind of metal to push boundaries. Every time you think it can not be faster and more brutal, a new band more sick and faster will arise. It is only a matter of time. I think that's the main difference between the 80's / 90's and now.  

9. what do you think about the current Death Metal scene worldwide. Which are the bands you have the biggest respect for?  

I think what really counts for bands is to create their own sound. It strikes me that over the last 10 years, fewer new legendary bands are formed, as big as MORBID ANGEL, DYING FETUS, CANNIBAL CORPSE, NILE, PANTERA, SLAYER, etc. In my opinion GORGASM is one of the new legendary bands.
The bands I have the biggest respect for are the bands who keep playing the music that they really like to play through all those years, not the commercial crap. I respect bands like CANNIBAL CORPSE and KRISIUN for doing that, and for their respect to other metalbands and musicians. No fucking rockstar attitude, but brothership in deathmetal and have a beer together! We've once met Pat O'brien from CANNIBAL CORPSE at Neurotic Deathfest (NL). He sat down at the table with us, drinking a couple of beers, telling funny stories about George Corpsegrinder and the others. We had a lot of fun with the guy! He said that's one of the reasons he liked being on tour, he felt like al metalheads being part of one big family. No matter where you are from, it's great to meet eachother and to have some beers, talking about metal and crazy stuff. And I think that's the spirit!  

10. - Well, that would be all for the moment...thanks very much for your time. If you have anything to add in the end to conclude this interview.  

Hey Gorhaur, thanx for the interview and for your interest in our band! We really appreciate it! I'd say keep on checking out BRAINCASKET on facebook (facebook.com/braincasket) and when our cd is ready, we will let you know! We wish you a lot of succes with THE PAIN FUKKTORY and keep up the good work bro! Cheers!

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