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Realized at: 10th, March 2017

" New bands often lack the perseverance. They are copying, what is currently “trendy” and as soon as the rapid success does not set itself they eventually split and go separate ways. (...)"


1. The more years a group is active the more the responsibilities and the demands are, especially in things like music, releases, lyrics, live shows, interviews and so on. How difficult is to support a history of 21 years?

It is not hard to keep such a thing alive over the years, since the truly professional character was never in the foreground, but the fun of joy was and still is important to us. From the very beginning, we have never been able to make money with our music, as many other young bands still do today, but we want to try out a few different gigs a year and bring the fans and people our music closer. There has never been any pressure to permanently play any liveshows or to have to publish CDs regularly. 

2. After 20+ years of doing this, are you still surprised/perplexed/immune/etc. to what fans’ expectations are and their reaction to each new release?  How has your mental mindset changed over the years to these things?

Every reaction, both in concerts and for our releases, is very important to us, and of course we are still happy about every positive feedback from the fans as well as the media. To be perceived as a small band without contract and distribution and to be honored for what you have worked in the rehearsing room is the best thing that can happen to you. It is quite easy to summarize: we do not play often and also not before a giant crowd. When there are 2-3 honest fans say to us that it was a cool concert or great music then it is more worth than 10 or 20 remarks of some music magazines whose job it is to write something about us. 

3. You have an interesting sound, can you tell us the typical approach you take when composing a song?

Our typical approach at songwriting is relatively simple, as we are fortunately also in no direction totally fixed and has not to use constantly a division such as today totally announced, brutal Death Metal or new emerging, already existing things like Sweden Death etc. . We meet for the rehearsal, and there are some ideas from the guitars, or from the bass player, and a song, always following the motto, let's see where the journey goes, it will be Death Metal. And for us it is decisive, we must be able to live with it. 

4. Your lyrics are mainly based in social matters, What would you say inspires your songwriting, as in topics or emotions?

Our lyrics are definitely based not only on social or social-critical issues, but they are a large part of our repertoire. We are not the guys who tell the people what they have to do. Within the band, there would certainly be enough hints and impulses to express themselves in any way. Whatever may be reflected in one or the other text, but we will not be pinpointed on a concrete political or social-critical track. It can also be a totally meaningless text, which has no deeper meaning. 

5. Do you find anything valuable in human society? What about individual humans?

This is such a question, which is answered by the previous question a bit even. We are not judges or accuser, everyone from our band already has their visions, attitudes and behaviors. Accordingly, each of us has a different standpoint for human society. I can only say live and let live. Everyone can shape their lives as they wish. The United States, have voted and the majority have chosen Trump. This shows me the face of the people. 

6. How do you see the character of energies you transfer through Bombthreat’s songs? Is it positive or negative, or neutral?

Our music should spread a negative character, it may please someone or not, but should never bring anything negative. For this the extremely evil Black Metal horde is responsible, haha. 

7. Despite being active for many years, the band is unsigned so far. There are many bands that prefer to be independent without following the specific rules of the labels. What is your opinion about this? Are you waiting for “THE BIG DEAL” or are you just looking for a logical and normal contract and that’s all?

As we have already mentioned, we are not waiting for a big deal since our foundation, and we continue to do so for fun. Show that we are there, we are on the other hand very grounded and want to keep it in the future as well. Perhaps once again to stand on a stage with one or two bigger bands would be perfectly fine. Everything else is reverie. 

8. I know you are quite proactive on the Internet promoting the band. Besides Internet, is Bombthreat using other promotion resources?

Outside of Facebook, of course, we have built up a small network over the years. In this way, we maintain good relations with regional organizers and due to this connections we have the opportunity to bring our material to the crowd with playing our concerts. 

9. Any video clips in the making? If yes, then which track will have its video form?

There is currently no video publishing planned. We do not want to close this issue completely, if a videoclip seems to us to be useful in the near or distant future, there will be one. Until now there was no reason for this. 

10. Do you miss tape trading and all the excitement of trading letters and stuff with other metalheads before the internet stormed in and stole all those feelings from us?

The tapetrading-scene and the metal that emerges and still exist in this case, or in our case Death Metal scene, can not be appreciated enough and can not be compared with today's internet media. This spirit, which existed at the beginning of the nineties, when people were sitting in front of their cassette recorders and albums, can no kid of today understand compared to the current media. 

11. Where do you see the state of the music industry right now?  Where do you think it will be in 5-10 years?

The music industry, especially in our industry, is very vigorous and always produces countless new bands. However, today it is as good as excluded to earn money with metal music as a young new band. A bit of money comes in when you are tirelessly touring and playing your ass up. So it will be in the future as well. However, the hearing habits of the users are currently shifting very much from hearing and collecting physical media or, ultimately, listening to MP3 files to a more intensive use of streaming services. It is, of course, very tempting to have access to all the published albums of your favorite band for a streaming fee of 10 EUR per month. The metal scene is very traditional with collections of records or CDs, but the opinions within the band are different. Whether it is moving in the next few years towards streaming or still a well-kept music collection of the metal fans will be built. We don’t know... 

12. Moving on to some general death metal talk, with the scene becoming further overcrowded with bands from all across the world, what in your opinion a band has to do to stand out and make a place for themselves?

First: try to practice, practice, practice. Then it's up to the characters themselves within a band. In our example, we are very different with our tastes. Inspiration often comes from outside the metalscene, and if you often struggle with the composition of a song when you are composing together, then something exciting comes out of this friction. In our case, it has grown over the years. But we also have talented companions, who make us a special sound or create very peculiar artworks for our merchandise. New bands often lack the perseverance. They are copying, what is currently “trendy” and as soon as the rapid success does not set itself they eventually split and go separate ways. Success is not measurable with the number of your Facebook fans. The quality of your music is of no use if you only upload your songs to youtube. You just have to show live presence everywhere, stay tuned and have a lot of patience. 

13. Over the years you’ve played with a lot of different bands. What are some of the gigs that stand out the most to you?

Our jubilee concert due the 20th anniversary of the band was a definite highlight for us. To celebrate this event in front of people and to celebrate with people who have accompanied us during this rather handsome time was a great success for the band and our fans. Including with our own (jubilee)beer. 

14. OK, we have become to the end. If I have missed anything please feel free to addto this interview.

We would like to thank you for this interview. Keep an eye out for live announcements and new merchandise from us. In the meantime, 7 new songs were created. Not so long until we go back to the studio. Thank you for your support!

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