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Fecha/Date: 11.07.2010
 (Made During a Chat Session in the Messenger)

1. Hails Peter, how are you going?? It is a honor for me to get you interviewed. First of all tell us how did you started this musical project and why reason it finally keept as a one man band?

Hi. Well..in 2006 I started with a drummer and we recorded our first demo called "Suffer", the sound was "doom" influenced. after the demo i decided to put achoustic guitars but because of some problems the drummer decided to play with other bands and i started to do everything by myself.  

if you're a one-man band you can do exactly what you want without any compromise

2. What stands behind the BLAZE OF SORROW name? I think it express the music that the band is delivering in any way, So could you give us some words about your musical shape for the people who does´nt know your band?

With my music i try to express my feelings and thoughts, this is the only way for me to explore some parts of my mind. for me Blaze Of Sorrow is a journey, it changes with time and it grows with me. there are some black metal parts and some achoustic parts because every song has its own life. it can be quiet and then bacome aggressive or the opposite. With Blaze Of Sorrow I put in music myself,and it can be nice or extremely painful.

3. The music you perform is very varied, It´s very raw but still clean and melodic, how do you attain to mix both sides in such a perfect way? 

First of all thanks for your words. I always start in the same way, when i have the right riff and i find the good ispiration i start playing with the achoustic guitar, then if it's good i transform it in raw parts keeping the same melody. all the rest is completely spontaneous. the song come out in a very natural way. 

4. Your song titles and art/imagery are utterly connected with Nature and feelings I think too. Are you aiming for specific imagery?  What are your inspirations?

You're right Nature is a big ispiration for me. Walking in a wild forest is more better than in a grey city  it's full of shades and you can find a lot of beautiful things. I'm not aiming for a specific imagery but  i think Nature is a part of us so it's pefect for me to put it in music.

My others ispirations are my experiences and as i wrote my feelings and my personal thoughs.

5. In my opinion one of the most profound songs on the album is "Cercando Il Silenzio" which subsequently made the hair on my arms and neck stand on end. Is there a particular favorite song of yours that has the most personal meaning to you ? 

In  my album called "L'Utimo Respiro" the song which has a very important meaning is called "Avvolto Dalla Nebbia" ( Embraced By Fog). I wrote it after a very painful moment and the music is very appropriate. Another song which is very important is Cremisi ( Crimson), it'll be included in the new album which will be released at the end of the year. When i wrote the lyrics i was very inspired.

6. And now Tell us about evolution. Not really about evolution in general but perhaps maybe about your evolution as a “musician” and getting involved in the scene. What is your opinion on the underground nowadays than it was before?

I think that today there are a lot of bands everywhere. Every day i discover new projects and the underground is growing a lot. For me this is because of Internet, myspace and so on. today is very simple to get in contact with a lot of bands from all the world. This is very good, you can find a lot of interesting music.

7. About song writing, how long will it take to complete a song (your song). Is it possible to complete it all in an hour, or in day, or it might even took long periods of refining the lines, etc. How do you know or when can you say that the song is finished?

Well it depends. sometimes i need 2 hours but also 1 year. If a song is complete i can feel it, it gives me the right impression and i can really prove what i wanted to trasmit. I play only if i have the right ispiration and if i really want to do it.

8. LEt´s talk about Artworks… how important is this to you? Do you buy a record just because the artwork is great? What about the photoshopped “artworks” nowadays? Talking about your albums, What do you prefer; a photographed being enhanced by technology, a b/w goats, or a hand painting?

The artwork is very important and it's difficult to find the right one. I've got a friend who is a photographer. we go in some wild places and search for a good image personally i don't like very much the big use of the pc. an image must be natural. Of course also a good painting can be good, my favourites artworks are paintings like Ulver's Bergtatt or Nattens Madrigal.

For L'ultimo respiro i used a painting but for the new album i used a Photo. I think it's perfect

9. Have you realized ramble through obscure places surrounded by mountains and desolate forests sometime? How do you felt? Tell us how are the Italian woods?

Well i live in the North of italy and in 1 hour by car i can go in very nice places of course in the alps there are a lot of awesome landscapes. it that places you can really fell the wild part of Nature.

10. Are you a melancholic person? What do you think about dark feelings such as sadness, solitude and depression?

Yes well, i'm not a very "smiling" person, sometimes sadness walks with me and the best solution  is putting it in music. There are a lot of bands who spaek about depression and sadness they use music for trasmit it but I use music for control and "exorcise" it.

11. Despite of you are one man project, I noticed you also live appearances, could you tell us how you attaint to do that  andWhat are the most memorable shows that you played? Any funny stories to tell?

I'm sorry but the first show will be this friday. so i have no funny stories.hahaha i'm sure i'll have them after the concert. I have 3 session musicians who help me, without them it would be of course impossible.

12. I suppose that you enjoy listening to Classical music composers. Now, imagine that you somehow managed to convince one of them to listen to your rather extreme metal music. Do you believe they would be attracted, impressed or feel respect for BLAZE OF SORROW composition ?

Hahaha awesome question! You're right i like classical music very much but i don't know what mr. Beethoven or Bach could think about my music maybe they could be..ehm shocked?.

13. What do you think that is most important criterion for you assessing the value of an album? Is it your personal feeling and knowledge about the album, the press, the response of the audience etc? Also, when it is the safest time spot to evaluate it?

Everything is important, of course the personal feeling is the most important thing. also the press sometimes can be helpful, it's very interesting to read some opinions and critiques. the audience well..if a lot of people appreciate my music i'm honoured and i think it's very important to speak with the fans, i don't like the bands who consider fans like "things" who buy the album.

14. You  have your regular work and family. How difficult is for you to combine the daily tasks with BLAZE OF SORROW duties?

Well i study at the university so some times i have some freetime the best period for me is in winter or at the end of the summer because i have like 10 free-days and i can record my music.

15. What kind of music do you listen to at home? Is it the same kind of music, that you play yourself or completely different things?

I like different kinds of music like Classical music, Rock, Progressive, folk music and of course metal.

16. It´s time to talk about recording aspect, How do you record your material? Do you use digital or analog equipment for the creation of your deadly hymns?

I've my self-professional studio at my home and all the instrumens i need, i don't like drum machines or "plastic" instruments. I use a digital equipment with the Pc and good devices you can create a very good sound.

17. Because you live in Italy I cant resist to ask you What do you think about religion in general? Do you think it is still strong and important in our society? How do you think can one weaken or even destroy the Church’s influence? Have you ever had any negative experience with christians???

Well in my music there's not an anti-christian message so i haven't got problems. I think that a lot of people here are religious but also expecially the joung generations don't belive in the Church. I really don't like the church's power today it's a big buisiness. but i also think that with the generation's changing this "power" will become smaller.

18. Well bro, we came to the end, I wish you all the best and I thank you warmly for the chance to speak with you. Any last words to the maniacs out there¿?

First of all i'd like to thank you for your interesting and time. I wish you all the best too! I just want to to say that if someone wants to have some info or news about Blaze Of Sorrow, they've only to ask in myspace or at my personal mail blazeofsorrow@hotmail.it. Best Regards! I hope you'll enjoy my music!  

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