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Realized at: 21st, August 2014
(Answers by All members)

"Humans are the worst creature on Earth. They mindlessly consume, destroying the world and all things apart of it. Chaos is the only thing that is sure, you can be sure that the end will include Chaos. Destruction is necessary for the advancement of our species, which is why once again we hate life and humans especially."

1. BBS started to take form back in 2003, however its only after 2012 that you unleash your first demo. How did you get involved in the scene for the first time and What are the most memorable memories would you extract from your early days?

Before that time the founding members Jason and Jeff were in a local band called "Zombie Ritual". It was some primitive Death Metal band, but they were able to record a couple of songs for a demo and play some local shows. As the time passed though the other members became less involved in Metal. But since Jason and Jeff are cousins they still jammed together and wrote songs which were the earliest songs for BLACK BLOOD STIGMATA around 2003. Troy joined soon after that time, which was a natural fit because he and Jason have known each other for over 25 years. Now you might imagine we have a lot of memories together as a group before we began creating music together for this reason.

2. All of your concept and songtitles are eminently anti-religious. Would you say that there is a specific concept that you follow or can anything go as long as it is in the realm of the philosophy of the band?

Recently we have written specifically about anti-religious themes, this is true. Although when we began we did not necessarily have this intention, but when you look at how religion controls humans lives in this age of information it sickens us. So we have taken on an Anti-Religious stance lately, but the new batch of songs will have a few that have nothing to do with religion.

3. How is your repulsion to the human kind and which way hate, chaos and destruction influence into your music?

Humans are the worst creature on Earth. They mindlessly consume, destroying the world and all things apart of it. We would like to see 99% of all humans die, then maybe we might have another chance. Chaos is the only thing that is sure, you can be sure that the end will include Chaos. Destruction is necessary for the advancement of our species, which is why once again we hate life and humans especially.

4. Your music evolves from black metal to death metal in every of your compositions. How have you developed a sound that is all yours and how the use of keyboards has become important on your new album for example?

We grew up listening to a bunch of different music. When we began listening to Metal in the late 80's and early 90's it was all about Slayer, Megadeth, and Anthrax. Then we started listening to Death Metal, it was actually quite awhile before we became interested in Black Metal. Now as our tastes in music has evolved, we appreciate Black Metal just as much as we enjoy Death Metal. We also wanted to take a gore grind approach for we have much respect for many bands from that genre. Before we rehearse we listen to all kinds of different Extreme Metal, I guess this is probably the reason we have such a diverse sound. This will be very evident on the upcoming sophomore album. The keyboard has become more important because of two reasons. Ryan included some atmospheric parts to the new album which added a new dimension to our songs. Also Troy has since become a better keyboard player, so it will be easier for us to include this instrument in later compositions.

5. You guys seem to be very old school in your approach to metal.When in your opinion was the best metal produced?

That is a tough question because like we mentioned we have such respect for Metal, and we understand the importance of all eras from the early NWOBHM to the nowadays Tech Death. I would say though for us 1990-96 were very important for BLACK BLOOD STIGMATA.

6. Regarding the previous question. I have heard one of you is actually editing a paper fanzine. What´s the impact the present "Tehcnology" era is having in detriment of the real old school essence in your opinion? Do you miss to read the old paper fanzines and listen to the tapes?

Yes, you are right. Troy is the editor of "Extreme Metal Magazine", a printed zine dedicated to the underground. Technology is a dangerous thing because it breeds laziness, and allows weak things to survive. It is the same with music or periodicals. With the current computer technology, music takes less effort to create and the same with zines. In the case of the zines, people have become so lazy they don't even print them anymore. In the case of music, for many bands a "digital release" is sufficient. However for real fans of Metal this internet shit is not enough. The tapes and zines are still around, you just have to seek them.

7. In opposition to this, With the easy access to internet you can spread your music across the globe just sitting in front of your computer. What ways has been the best for you in order to promote the band?

We have used the internet for promotional purposes, and it has served us very well. There are some zines though that specifically request physical media, and really these are the ones we prefer most. This is the true way of Metal, this is what we would recommend to any serious band.

8. With the change in people’s ways of consuming music how do you go about maintaining a viable economical level to your music/recording? How hard is it to print a demo/album on your own and then spread it to the right channels?

When it comes to Extreme Metal you can throw economics out the window. We do this shit for enjoyment, and so we consider it an expensive hobby…It is not too difficult to print an album/demo and promote it, you just have to be motivated to do so. For us there is no lack of motivation.

9. Latest release from your camp is -LP " Deviant Deities and Perverse Prophets". Try to enlighten this material to us. How long time it took to record it and What kind of composing is more congenial and inspirative for you?

DDPP is our new batch of songs. We have a new guitar player Ryan, who is also a sound engineer that really knows his shit. So he gave us a great sound for this album. He is also a member of GENOCIDE ARCHITECT. As far as the themes go for DDPP, we wanted to go for a more vicious and hateful approach. We also wanted to have more Death Metal influence this time around. Over all though BBS is still the same just better produced and with better song writing. When we are writing songs we have a couple ways of doing this. Sometimes Jason is Guitar and Troy is Drums and other times we both play guitar and toss riffs back and forth. Both ways seem to be effective, and this also seems to break the monotony.

10. Pick a song from the new album, that you feel to be the most interesting lyrically, musically or having a good story about it and tell me about it.

Tough call, but we will use our most actively promoted song "The Mis-Creation" as an example. This song is about how hebraic people used pieces of sumerian myth that were mis-interpreted as the foundations of their religion. Within these lyrics we discuss some of the deeds of Abraham as they are mentioned in the old testament. As it turns out Abraham was a typical human male. he lied, he cheated, and he stole amongst other unsavory deeds. This is the father of the jewish faith. Now many years later Christ is born into this religion, and perhaps disgusted by his own faith, he founded his own religion. Although it is still based on the core principles of the hebrew book, only this time Jesus asks you to forgive your enemies and empty your pockets to the poor. This is the prophet of the weak. The next to come is Muhammad and he also claims to have spoken to angels. In his book you will read about Abraham and Moses and their lessons for human kind. Muhammad in our opinion was an Arab nationalist that used religion as a sword. He was a human outcast and sought to dominate others. although the core principles of his faith were lifted from the jewish torah, they were diluted to fit his conquest of Arabia. He his the prophet of the uneducated.

11. Vinyl format had nowadays gained unbelievable comeback. And tapes finally came back too! Do you see any advantages in different formats like LP, CD and MC and which one of them you personally prefer?

The advantage for CDs is shipping costs for sure, and they seem to be more conventional. LPs suck to ship because you have to protect the shit out of them, but the artwork looks better on them I suppose. It's strange that tapes made a comeback, although I guess you can blame Raw Black Metal for that. Really there is no preference. Jason says he only buys CD's!

12. I always enjoy hearing what life is like outside of a band. What can you share with us about what your lives are like outside of the bands? Wives, kids, jobs, hobbies?

Troy is married and works in the automotive industry, he is obsessed with music and enjoys traveling. Jason is self employed, enjoys American Football, Call of Duty, and Cold Autumn Nights

13. Dude, thanks a lot for your answers. I wish you all the best and good luck my friend! Please, tell your closing words!

Our thanks for the interview, Eternal Hails to all Extreme Underground Forces of Hell! Look for the upcoming full length album "Anti-Religious Apocalyptic War" mid 2015!



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