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Fecha/Date: 24.04.2010
 (During a Chat Session in the Messenger)

1. Hello, first of all nice to meet you Igor and Alisa. So it is curious you meet on a SLAYER concert and then get married in life and METAL! Can you tell us more deeply about the first times when you decide to build AWAITING FEAR as a musical Entity? 

Indeed, we met on Exit and 5 years later we are playing at Exit!  Anyway, story of a band wasn't really something that fell out of nowhere. Igor played guitar and had bands and I used to sing at some of my old also, and since we trusted each other enough to build up a marriage, there was really nothing we could lose if we tried to build a band as well. Somehow band is like our second marriage, just with more people involved and less fights over who washes dishes haha! 

2. I have noticed you made a impeccable version for the song "Cenotaph" from BOLT TROWER, so talking about your music, how did you took such influences for your music?

It probably has something to do with our age I guess. We are all above 25 now, and in times when we started listening to metal, Metallica and "Kill em all" was at it's peak. In those years death metal was kind of growing really fast and somehow it got to our ears. It wasnt long until we all heard about Bolt Thrower and alike bands, and obviously that love never left any of us. I believe I can speak this for all band members.

3. Talking about recently released "Dead Inside" CD. What do you think that is most important criterion for you assessing the value of the album? Is it your personal feeling and knowledge about the album, the press, the response of the audience etc? Also, when it is the safest time spot to evaluate it?

(*gulp* tough question)

We would never stand behind our work if we didn't fully believe in it, so yes...our personal feelings are of utmost importance.  But on the other hand, as individuals we would probably never do another live show if we are to see that people are looking at us bluntly. Now I can speak on my behalf only, and I can assure you that if I had a series of shows and they went without any energy or at least a bit of fun, I would quit all this. Audience is what is keeping us alive, and it is a fanstastic feeling when you play something you hold on to and people are following you back.

Also, press is certianly doing a great job on us and all of them have our thanks!!! In this era of internet and mass-media, if you don't have support in the same - you are as well as dead project or damned to play in garage!

As for evaluation I am not really sure. We made songs, did a CD and sent it to different labels and media. Somehow things just happened on their own. I feel that when you do something you should promote it the same moment, when it is still "hot stuff", and later on just do your best to keep the flow. Also, from time to time it is important to do something new like promo material , just to remind people you still exist. 

4. So talking about what you mentioned. Obviously the Internet Era have his benefits, but also some damages. How do you perceive the advances of technology and the internet changing the music industry in the future? Will the CD as a product become a fanatic’s item like the LP is nowadays? Will record labels become redundant? What effect will it have on festivals and tours?

Obviosly time is changing and when it does we shoudn't stop the future and how I see it is rather positive. It is the truth that CD are dying out, and I agree with you, soon they will be only those marked as "collector edition", but on the other hand I feel pretty fine with the idea of not selling our music, it is somehow wrong in my mind. But also people will always be able to support some band by buying their T-shirts and other alike merchandise and that is something you can't just download over internet. So as long as I am concerned CD are out, live shows and merchandise are the future and I always look forward to one! 

5. Can you explain the method of songwriting employed by AWAITING FEAR? Is the writing process generally collective or does one member often craft the song on his own?

Hahaha, this is an awesome question considering I should be the one writing and singing all together. The truth is that in the begining I was the one writing lyrics, but soon I grew tired of it, because when ever I read what I wrote it felt like some 5 year old kid was hearing some spooky stories and felt it had to write something about it, haha! So I left that job to Lazar, bass player. From time to time I get some idea and write something new but soon after we record it, same old 5 year old kid comes back to my brain to tease, but then it is too late.   All in all, Lazar is the main man, I am mainly a support along with other band members. We all have our parts. 

6. Talking about modern kinds of metal appearing lately. What do you think of trends in general?. Do you think that old school Black and Death Metal can once become some sort of trend as well???  

Metal was never trend and I am sort of grateful for that. If it was like that, my rebel part would probably scream for something else which is underground. As for trends in metal and the upcoming new breed-death core era...I can't say I enjoy it, but also I have nothing against it. It is just a matter of individuals taste and it is the way it should be. So to cut it short, I support all art, even though I sometimes can't understand it myself.  

7. Apart from your CD releases, you have also edited a tape release. What music format do you prefer the most; vinyl, CD, or cassettes? Do you think it is really good to release one album in these three mentioned formats? I mean, CD first then vinyl or vinyl first then CD is acceptable (at least to me), but CD first then vinyl then after that a cassette with same songs on them over and over again is something that I don’t understand! For collectors? Then what is your opinion on bands who keep on releasing “rehearsal recordings” on various formats? Is this good or what?  

I think that if you are a worldwide famous band, there will always be someone who appreciate your work and would want something that not so many people have. That is a point of collector editions. But to release and abuse your songs for the sake of money only - now that is way too wrong. It is similiar like EA (Electronic Arts) and FIFA game, if you know what I mean. They keep on making new editions, but they are all in all just the same stories with a slightly different package. For me vynil is and always will be the best solution, simply because I love the "cracking" noise while it's playing and somehow it bring me back to the days when I first listened to music, but the reality these days is a CD and mp3 format, and bands should more or less stick to it, specially if they are still underground.  

8. I can´t really resist to ask you about this: Today is common (in comparison to long years ago) to see more and more female-fronted bands appearing everyday. What makes a band special? What is that vital ingredient that separates AWAITING FEAR from that pille of "poser" and uninteresting bands?? 

Certinaly not and if anyone tells me that in a face, will get a headshot and special drive to the nearest hospital! I think of me as just another member in the band and I would never ever allow to get any special treatment just because I am a female. Since I am into metal music for long time now, I have seen lots of band abusing their female vocalist just because of the idea she has a pair of breast - I despise both the alike band and girls who is following the idea of selling her body instead of voice, individuality etc. There is nothing special about a "girl" singing like a "boy", because for start such belief if sexist and totaly unacceptable for the likes of me who above all praise equality. Is it a guy or a girl - it doesn't matter as long as vocal is doing it's job as it should!  

9. How did you got the deal with NOISEHEAD records and how much did it helped the band to increase the expansion of his music?? Are you satisfied with the work of them?? How the sales has been until now? 

We all have to start somewhere, don't we now...and for the first contract Noisehead was perfect place. It is really hard for bands from Serbia to find some foreign label, since we really don't have much of our own, and the sole idea of releasing for someone outside our borders did help a lot, since somehow people decided to look at us someone who is trying hard to do what they believe in and not just a rehearsal band with 2-3 shows a year. We are currently touring a lot and doing some new stuff, and when it is done, we will see with the Noisehead if we are continuing our cooperation or not. It is not just our thing to decide. As for sales I must say we had some crazy shipments to countries we never tought someone would ever hear of us and usually it brought smiles to our faces. Just like you....who would guess that you In Peruu would ever hear of us! Blessed be internet.

10 . In my opinion the most profound song on the album is "Funeral Throne" which subsequently made the hair on my arms and neck stand on end. Is there a particular favorite song of yours that has the most personal meaning to you? 

My favurite is “Globalistic culture” for all the beats and speed, but since you asked me about Funeral Throne - that song is Lazar lyrics and everyone who read it had their own opinion on the subject. For me it is the song of impending doom uproaching us, where we forsake old values and decided to follow capitalism, of which I feel only hatred. If you look at the world today people are starving so that rich can be even richer, families are falling apart, everyone is nervous all the time thinking how to barely survive, people have become abominations killing their own kind and suffering those below. Just look at the newspaper and see how many innocents are dying, how many animals are killed so that some losers would feel more "manlike" - to be honest with you, I am pretty much of a misantroph and in the end I think we deserved all that is coming upon us. Money has become a new God and this one has no mercy at all. We are indeed making our own funeral and destroying everything along the way and sadly I don't think we will survive the path we put in front of ourselves. 

Interesting! a great lyrical value behind the great music itself 

"I just feel anger for all the suffering in the world, specially to those who don't deserve it - animals and children. So frustrating!

Lets hope we are not alone in the world thinking like that...maybe sometimes people like us will make a change

Hope never dies, no matter how low idea falls  Long live phoenix story "

11. So passing to less worst matters... What is Death Metal for you ? What Death Metal bands do you like and can we talk about a NEW DEATH METAL GENERATION or that is exclusively reserved for the old and ancient ones?  

Death metal is all about energy and as long it provides me some I don't think I will ever leave that path. Death metal is beer, friends, jumping around like maniacs, laughing out of pure joy, tending to your bruises day after and living life to the fullest. It may sound like "a thousand times told story" , but for me death metal is just the way I described it. Also, I don't judge band by the year of their birth and if they are standing for old school or new ways. I love all the same for example old works of Morbid Angel and Vader and on the other side new album of Nile. As I told before, as long as it gives me the energy.

11. And now a question regarding feelings. AWAITING FEAR is one of the best bands I have heard in this year. Because you manage to make music that obviously reflects your feelings. You did something that a lot of bands can’t. How does that make you feel? Because it is obvious that this will make AF become a band with a huge fan base. 

I say time will tell if we deserve a chance or not, but hearing words like yours makes me damn proud. I am pretty much shy when someone is telling something good about what we do and still can't find good words to thank properly, so I usually go hide or drop a beer on the table haha. Awaiting Fear is pretty simple as it is - we play what we like, some people like what we like so to conclude some people like us. I never really enjoyed mathematics, but this is one equation that I like.


hehe, very intelligent answer, and yes, drop 2 beers on the table please and CHEERS!!!!!!!


"I dont drink beer....someone needs to drive ....damn guys xD" 

12. Some words above we talk something about bad side of human society, so I would like to as you: What is for you the repulsion for humankind? And how much importance "hate", "chaos" and "destruction" have in your life? (focusing on this prior matter) 

I have mixed feelings for mankind as it is now. I put my hope in future generations, since ours are screwed, but also on one side I would somehow enjoy to see complete fall and annihilationof mankind for we have become so cruel and so cold - it is beyond any words. Not that long ago in South America there was this "artist" who suffered to death a stray dog and let him die of hunger and thirst in some art gallery. People walked by him every day and no one looked at him as suffering creature begging for help, everyone saw a piece of so called "art". Also the guy who drowned a kitty in the run for views on Youtube, girl who cuddled a kitty then killed it while jumping on poor creatures head, also rapists, pedophilia, brothers killing brothers, sons and daugthers their parents - those are the thing for which if I was a God - I would so destroy all human species!

Every day I hear a stories that make me sick and usually I grow so frustrated that I despise all and every, because even if there are normal people around, their voice is certainly not loud enough to stop all the violence and hatred. I might be in a death metal band, but that does not make me an idiot and when ever I hear some teenager who just started to listen to "devils" music trying to act cool with all the hate/violence/chaos/destruction ideas, I have an unstopable urge of blowing his face of. Damn, I am so angry now just by thinking of this. 

13. Since I don´t know a lot Serbian Metal Scene, I would like to know if Is it easy to make a metal band in Serbia? Are there people to help the younger bands? What is the interest in heavy music in Serbia? 

There are lots of really good bands around here and I am not just saying it because it is my country. There are bands playing music from good old fashioned rock n roll to grind core and some of them are on such a high level that if only someone would give them chance they would really make a name out of themselves. Almst every day thereis some show in Belgrade (capital of Serbia), and sometimes you can't even decide to which one you will go for the night out. People who are into metal here, and there for all of us 100%. They support both foreign and domestic scene, trying to spread the word, and mostly all of the metalheads around have their own bands or playing in few at the same time, so just try to imagine how man bands actually there are. Still ecomony crisis is what is keeping us way less active as we would like to be. For example, I have lots of friends who would love to come to Deicide concert in May where we are also playing as support, but are unable because they simply don't have the money to buy a ticket. If just someone would give as a chance.   

14. I would also like to talk a little bit about personal side, You all have your regular works and families. How difficult is for you to combine the daily tasks with AWAITING FEAR duties? 

I must admit sometimes I am really tired, specially if I have a concert after working shift, but I believe that if you really love something you will always find energy needed. It happend few times now that some of us got sick with high fever, but still we played no matter what and that is good thing about people in this band - we just refuse to let anything stop us.  

15. Well it has been a really interesting chat, and we are close to finish, So maybe you would now at the end reveal some details about the future plans for AF and your personal goals. How far would you like to go with AF? Do you see yourself doing this in let’s say another 5 to 10 years from now? 

I never really think too much in advance. I learned to enjoy a moment and use it in it's maximum potential. What will happen, only future can show and my job is to wait and try as hard as possible in meantime. Awaiting Fear will continue to work as long as it is above all fun to us, and the more shows we do, more countries we see and people we meet, will make us richer, not in money, but in happiness. Living life to it's fullest and meeting people who share the same beliefs - that is the life that all humans want to live, so why should we be different.   

16. Alisa, thanks a lot for your answers, I hope my questions weren't boring. I wish you all the best and good luck my friend, AWAITING FEAR rules! Please, tell your closing words!

No, no, no, thank you my friend! It was a different and above all interesting interview and I can only hope for more like these.  All that I can say in the end is that I hope one day we will get a chance to meet and drink that beer, and that stands for all of your readers aswell as people out there who like what we do and support us! Metal is still not dead, and as long as we together fight it never will be! Horns up and see you sometimes on some future shows! \m/


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