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Realized at: 26th, November 2015

"The sound of 80s music is more real and it really hits a spot when you listen to it. Plus the progressiveness of 80s metal, we just can’t get enough of it."

1. Avatar is a duo — how long have you known each other? And how did you discover metal for the first time?

The two members of Avatar have known each other all their life, since they are brothers, and grew up together. We discovered metal for the first time in 1996, Kahdil was 8 years old and Dylan was 5. We had a black cassette tape from my dad’s friend, we put it on and hit the play button, and the first two songs on the tape were fuel from Metallica and Du Hast from Rammestein. When hearing it for the first time we started to thrash out and kept hitting repeat, we listened to it all day and all night, this was when the metal was unlocked. The next day we were in total pain from head banging, since then we started discovering other bands, and we started listening to bands from the 80s etc.

2. Since your inception in 2006, you`ve only released a 4 track demo in 2011. How much time and effort do you spend on the band to get everything to look and sound the right way?

We spend a lot of time and effort, and we try our best to get as much time to work on our music, given the circumstances in our country’s society since metal is not fully accepted here. We also have school life, family life and work life, so with all that going on, we try our best to maximize the little time we have.

When creating songs, some will flow naturally, and can happen in a matter of hours, while other songs for example ‘Draining Evil from its Source’ took an average of 4 months to create, songs like ‘Imbalance of the Cosmos’ took a few years to fully develop into what it is now. So we take our time to get everything the way we want it to sound and feel. For live shows, we put in as much practice we can put, sometimes ranging from 2-3 days a week, even though we would like to practice more days, it’s very difficult.

3. How long time it took to record it and in what manner you wrote ideas for this material? Are you working all together as a duo, or somebody comes up with some ideas?

Actually, the 4 track demo of 2011 was a result of a live stream on the internet. We told a few of our friends from Trinidad as well as other Caribbean islands to listen. One of our friends from Barbados recorded our set from the live stream, and this became our demo.

For one of the tracks entitled ‘Bleed your Eyes’ on our demo, Kahdil (guitarist) came up with the riff, went to the band room and Dylan (drummer) tried out a few beats, we structured how we wanted the music to sound and the vocals came in afterwards, some of the lyrics came out at the spur of the moment and afterwards we built on that to create the entire lyrical piece. Bleed your eyes means to open your eyes to see the reality that is beyond the illusion of society, the lyrics suggested how the elite takes advantage of the poor etc. so with that in mind, we developed the lyrics using that as a foundation. We both work on our music together; our music is one hundred percent Avatar, nobody else.

4. Who has the idea to use that name for the band? Does this affect you any way considering there is a plenty amount of bands with the same name?

Our mother actually came up with the name of the band; we didn’t really have any names in mind, so when she mentioned Avatar we thought the name suit the band and decided to use it. The meaning behind avatar has a strong meaning. At the moment, it doesn’t affect us because our band is small, we don’t get much media coverage in our country or the wider world mainly due to the lack of resources, since our country is so secluded. However, once the band begins to get more media coverage, develops more and starts reaching out to a wider population we may change the name, but so far we are sticking with Avatar. It doesn’t matter how many bands are called Avatar, it’s what people can relate to in the music the band plays.

5. Your sound reminds me a lot of the old school era. How strong are you inspired by 80´s metal scene?

We are inspired a lot by the 80s metal scene actually. We basically live on 80s metal, it’s the shit and will always be the shit. The sound of 80s music is more real and it really hits a spot when you listen to it. Plus the progressiveness of 80s metal, we just can’t get enough of it. On the other hand, the new music that is being made doesn’t have the rawness and depth. Other music is being over produced it’s losing the true touch.

6. I have noticed you have had several live appearances. How would you describe AVATAR live? Are live shows a central aspect of Avatar? What have been the best and worst live experiences you've had?

Avatar is exhilarating, fast, brutal, aggressive and raw. Yes, live shows is a central aspect, as a live band, to get feedback from the crowd and have a chance to meet our fans, we give our fans what they want to hear. The fun part of the band is the live performances and it also gives us a chance to witness people going totally insane from our music and it feels good to see everyone enjoying themselves. Performing at our best for people in the metal scene is what we live for.

The best live experience Kahdil and Dylan: was performing at Tattoo Camp 2015, the event was full on live performance on the beach. So playing in the open air on the beach was definitely relaxing and everything just kept flowing the way we wanted it, and of course, the crowd was insane.

Dylan: the worst experience for me was when we played at a venue in Central, Trinidad. Kahdil forgot the riff for draining evil and there was a sudden pause in the middle of the song and then we had to continue playing.

Kahdil: the worse experience for me was in South, Trinidad, the sound system was crappy, I had to use a tiny amp, the sound quality was shitty and playing for the entire set was just uncomfortable. Dylan also forgot out a piece of the drumming for imbalance of the cosmos, so that also added to the already messed up situation. The stage was extremely small and hazardous as well so I was unable to move around.

7. Trinidad and Tobago isn’t known as a huge breeding ground for metal bands, is there actually quite a bit of history in metal from TT?

There were good bands, but due to not having opportunities to reach further, they just switched to calypso (Trinidadian music) and alternative rock. The history of the metal scene here is sad because none of the metal bands have ever reached outside of TT. A few soft rock bands made it out but they didn’t make a mark for Trinidad on the outside world of music.

Also, one of the reasons why metal bands did not make it is because they mostly do covers and lack original music. So this is one of the main reasons why the metal scene in TT has failed to establish a proper foundation because all the bands prefer to do covers instead or original music. However, now more bands are starting to produce original music and the scene is slowly building and moving forward.

8. Are there some parts of the world that really impress you due to the quality of the bands coming from the same area? I mean are you involved with what happens in South America, Asia, Eastern Europe, Europe???

We are not involved in other countries at this time, but we are hoping to

In the past we were not involved because it is very difficult to step outside of TT due to financial reasons, but because of the internet, we are now exposed to many other people in countries such as South America, Puerto Rico, and Aruba etc.

We have only now begun to establish a network with persons from these areas, and one of our primary goals for 2016 is to play outside of TT. Currently, we are on that road by applying to Wacken Metal Caribbean battle of the bands, and if we do get chosen we will have the opportunity to perform in Suriname.

So far, this is the only type of metal gathering for the region that we live in and it is a great opportunity for local bands to get a foot out into the international scene. We hope that more opportunities come our way in the near future, since we are coming out with an album in 2016 and will be seeking to perform in other countries very soon. Additionally we love the metal scene in Europe and South America and around the world; a lot of the bands from those regions are just phenomenal.

9. Do you see some certain goals ahead of you which you’d like to achieve with Avatar as a professional musician or just as a person?

We both would like to do many albums with avatar and perform for people around the world. We hope to perform at festivals such as Wacken and Hellfest. We also hope to endorse Epiphone guitars and digitech pedals. We plan to re-invent a thrash metal scene like in the 80s and early 90s.

10. Which ways has been the best for you in order to promote the band? How well are you doing in the rest of the World?

Like said before, being in TT its limited for the genre of music we play, however, the internet have opened many avenues for publication and we have contacted a few online magazines and webzines which was met with positive responses so for now this is the only way we can reach out to fans around the world. We have an EP that will be launched at Frost Fest on Nov 28th, the biggest heavy metal rock/metal show of the year in TT featuring only local bands. We are one of the headlining bands. Via the internet, we also found someone who has a recording studio that gave us an effective cost to record and master our music, and usually this is very expensive in TT. Hence, this is the reason why it took us so long to enter the studio. We hope to meet other bands in the near future in other countries and hope we can possibly embark on a mini tour around the world.

11. The last word is yours. What would you like to say to those who support you and by extension the readers of The Pain Fucktory?

To those who support us, thanks a million for coming out to our live shows and we can’t wait to blow your mind in our next performance. And to the readers, check us out on our social media pages, send us a message, let us know what you think, we want some feedback. Hopefully in the near future, Avatar will be playing in your country, as for now, Stay metal and remember, look out for our album, no metal no life in 2016.

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