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Date: 02.08.2010

1. Hail Brothers! Letís start with beginning. Who is the founder of this band and what was the reason of several line-up changes in the last times? How difficult was to deal with that problems?

Yeah back to 1992 me ( Steve M ) Bill and Rob ( the original bass player ) wanted to do some evil death metal, so we hooked up with two guys who were jamming thrash metal ( Al Kelly and Shane Foley ) and created the band Bereaved. Although these guys were thrashers they enjoyed the heavy approach me bill and rob brought to the table and We began playing a kind of doomy death metal peaceville orientated shit.  After a few years and two demo tapes, the drummer, Shane, left and we hired Olan Parkinson, soon after in 1994/95 we decided to become more brutal so we asked Al to leave and collectively morphed into Abaddon Incarnate so I guess the Abaddon Incarnate as it exists today was created by Me, Bill, Olan and Rob ( the last supper line up)
2. You are almost sixteen years on the scene. I would like to turn back and remember one positive and one negative moment of your careers.

Too many positives and so many negatives. A positive was defiantly getting signed by Seasons of mist, it validated all the work we had been doing and proved that we had what it takes to be proper international band, We were one of the first extreme  bands in Ireland to get a international deal and it was a real high time for us.  A negative would be all the times we couldnít get talented people to join so me and bill would be jamming as a two piece keeping the flame alive in the face of oblivion, especially after dark crusade we had no drummer and no bass player. But out of that came another positive when we found Johnny and Steve f, who are great musicians and have become good friends to me and bill.
3. Tell us a little about the albumĒCascadeĒ, In what ways does it differ from your previous releases?

Well we have a fresh line up.  Itís the first release with Johnny and Steve F. Itís the first release where I wrote all the lyrics 100%. We recorded it in our home country Ireland. Itís a pretty brutal album and I think sound wise itís probably the heaviest and best production we have so far.
4. One thing that amazed me a lot is that you decided to record this album on your hometown, if we consider that previous albums was recorded in recognized and well know studios like Tico Tico in Finland or Soundlab in Sweden. What was the reason for this? Just a matter or money or what?

Seasons of Mist sent us to tico tico, that was not our choice. We chose to travel to soundlab to record with legend Miezsko as he did a great job on Nasum, regurgitate and genocide SS. Also in Ireland nobody could mix a brutal band. When we were ready to record ďcascadeĒ miezsko was dead and also there was s a good studio in Dublin ďtrackmixĒ So we decided to make a change a stay at home. But that guy is fucking expensive so for our next album we will probably go abroad again.
5. The element of horror and torture in the front cover is so palpable, is this also the main subject on the lyrics of the songs featured on this disc?

The horror and Torture is a feature of the inquisition and conflict between Christianity and paganism. And the lyrics on the Album are about Satanism, the occult, anti Christianity, dark paganism and necromancy. The cover is of the ďstappadoĒ torture used by the inquisitors to persecute heretics. The lyrics on the first song is a conversation between a witch and a Inquisitor, a argument while she is hung from the ceiling.
6.  Itīs so curious to see that you have changed to another label again (you have released all your albums through different labels), what is the reason for that and what made you decide to sign with METAL AGE? Are you expectations bigger now?

We wanted a label with realistic ambitions and who worshipped this kind of brutal music. If you look at the other bands on MAP, desecration, Avulsed, Holcausto cannibal, fleshless you see a good taste in music, no synth diva Norwegian female shit haha. We are expecting 2 more albums from Metal age. We will never be a big band because we are so brutal. We are happy in the underground. I donít expect anything from anybody. We make our own successes in the world.
7. How does it feel to be on the crest on the Grindcore Death Metal? It seems you guys are leading the crusade of European Grindcore currently. In my opinion, no one does it better and with as much heart as ABADDON INCARNAE. You guys really put blood, sweat and tears into everything you do. It's not fashion or fad with you. What fuels this tenacity?

Thanks for your awesome words. We just love this music, First brutal CDs I got was Napalm Death ď from enslavementĒ and Morbid Angel ď altarsĒ so you see where my heart lies. I think we all get such a high playing so heavy and fast. Itís like some kind of drug and we are chasing the dragon always to get faster and more brutal and heavier all the time. We keep surprising ourselves. Itís a great feeling when you finish writing a new song and its somehow more brutal than all the others.
8. In your opinion, how much did the Grindcore scene change compared to the late '80-s/early '90-s?

The internet has changed so much. We have no tape trading, no zines. Everybody produces publications on PDF and downloading and myspace has taken the tangibility away from the music. I miss black and white photocopied cassette demos and getting flyers of obscure bands in the post and forwarding them on. Also everybody has a nice expensive budget for beautiful recordings. I welcome this worldwide economic downturn, now the bands have no money and have to make cheap nasty dirty productions again.

9. Death-grind as a genre is pretty much a dead, beaten, molested and rotten horse by now. How does ABADDON INCARNATE try to separate themselves from the crap bands populating the genre and stay fresh? Writing good songs helps, and in my opinion, youíve got that figured out. Your songs are catchy as a venereal disease most of the time, even though theyíre hardly groundbreaking in any way.  

Yeah well itís like any genre. Look at the blues music, itís a formula, itís always the same, singing about the same shit and even though Iím not a fan of old blues music you can tell it will last forever. A group of fans love that sound and what they sing about and the feeling that comes of the music. So death grind/ grind core, even though it will never be new, it will last forever in the underground. I think we have always been different, our unholy lyrics, guitar solos, diverse vocals. Its not something we set out to do. Our sound just occurs and evolves  naturally.
10. Tours are normally good occasions for getting drunk and retarded. Any fun stories, band fights, stage fuckups? Which bands that you toured with have been the coolest, which ones the stupidest? Spill some shit, itís all good press, you know?

Our tours with desecration have been pretty cool. I remember once in the Cz republic we had the choice to go slum on the floor of this dudes house or pay some money and sleep at the hotel. Me, Ollie, Mikey ( deseration) and Curby ( obscene extreme boss ) stayed in this dudes house and at the hotel the other guys got drunk and the police came and stripped searched all the guys. I thought that was pretty funny because I got spared. Also once the French police picked me up in Strasbourg and drove me around shouting abuse at me (in French which i donít understand) for 30 minutes then dumped me back on the street for some fucked up reason. They didnít even take my beer. The best times were when we were away recording in Sweden or Finland. We hung out with the guys from genocide SS in Sweden and those guys were really cool, really nice people. I guess Eric rutan from Morbid angel is the stupidest, the guys a fucking robot. Worst stage fuck up was my drunk performance here in Ireland supporting Suffocation. I got so pissed up, I kept dropping my guitar, falling on the drum kit and shouting bull shit at the crowd, embarrassing really but funny as well, ill not do that shit again but it will always be a funny memory. Normally on tour you get drunk and retarded because your so tired, uncomfortable and hungry, beer is free and the journeys are so fucking long.
11.  Itīs  undeniable too clear influences on your music from such big bands like NAPALM DEATH, CARCASS, MORBID ANGEL to mention a few. If you would have a chance to play with your biggest influence band or your idol... who would that be?

Weíve already played with morbid angel once in Dublin and napalm death many times at European fests, Iíd like to play with repulsion or Terrorizor but I guess thatís impossible now. Yeah carcass too. 
12. I believed that every band has their own way in composing musicÖ so how do you proceed with a song-writing? Based on the band's very own experience, was it really hard to create brilliant riffs and melodies, to arrange an effective musical structure, whatsoever? What elements highly emphasized during the song-writing period? Do you need any certain atmosphere or environment to come up with a good idea?

We get together in a rehearsal room and if someone has a idea we share it and get the guys to learn it after a while we stick the ideas together and we get a song. I write shit on my guitar at home and bring it to rehearsals. Sometimes itís really hard to write a song and then next week you will write 2. Itís a fucked up situation, sometimes depends on the mood of everyone and the amount of new ideas we have stored in our brains. We donít need any special atmosphere, we used to be drunk all the tome in rehearsals but lately weíve been pretty sober. But the music is created all the same.
13. You've been playing a large number of shows (local gigs, big festivals, Tours..etc) in the past and present time and you have a reputation for your performances; are live shows a central aspect of Abaddon Incarnate? What have been the best and worst live experiences you've had?

Our live shows are the most important for us; itís where we really come alive I think. The best was in 2000 supporting Morbid angel, we only played 3 songs but we blew the roof of the place, the worst I told you already about the Suffocation gig, but you know that was a one off and nothing as bad as that ever happened since or will happen again. Just donít drink 12 beers, bottle of vodka and a bottle of wine before a show. HAHA
14. How would you describe ABADDON INCARNATE as a whole? Is there anything that makes the group different compared to most new and upcoming bands? Would you prefer to be a great band in the underground scene or just one average band in the mainstream scene?

Grinding unholy occult death metal. We are different to everybody, no one sounds like us, we are pretty old school. I am happy in the underground, I do not think I would be happy in the mainstream. I like being my own boss, I donít want the record labels forcing me to wear makeup and do shit I donít want to do. And in the mainstream once the record company rapes you he spits you out back into the little clubs playing to the true fans again. Its a pointless endeavour. I would like to stay in the underground forever. Fuck the mainstream.
15. How you manage to transfer the violence and force of your Grindcore Death Metal on stage? When metal heads come down to watch your performance, what are they liable to see?

You are looking at it from the wrong angle man. The problem is getting the violence and force of the live show onto CD. We are 1000 times more brutal and exciting live. Itís a natural environment for us.
16. What are some of your interests, occupations and hobbies outside of composing sick  music?

Bill has a company he is trying to set up dealing with advertisement and media. But its hard in this shitty economic  downturn.  Johnnyís a student in university studying Irish history and folklore, Steve F is finishing his collage in computer programming, I am a deadbeat, I donít work and I have never gone to college but I enjoy mountaineering and rock climbing when Iím not doing shit with the band or recovering from some shitty injury

16.   Top 5 Albums You've Been Listening to lately.
Nile Ė Those who the gods detest
Celtic frost Ė monotheist/ triptikon
Morbid angel Ė thy Kingdom come demo
Putrefy Ė Vomited Putrid blasphemy
Godflesh _ streetcleaner
17. How do you perceive the advances of technology and the internet changing the music industry in the future? Will the CD as a product become a fanaticís item like the LP is nowadays? Will record labels become redundant? What effect will it have on festivals and tours?

The production will get cheaper and cleaner. People will learn to record at home themselves, The CD will never become like the vinyl, it is to cold and soulless, cassettes never became like vinyl. Vinyl is big, you have great medium for artwork and the package is a real treasure. CDs just donít have the same spirit. Labels will not become redundant because you always need someone to handle distribution and promotion. Their roles may become smaller and I see many bands and labels sharing 50/50 costs and profits in the future, I see things becoming more equal. Festivals and tours will stay the same because its entertainment itís in the real world, you cannot download a gig or a festival. The social aspect is not there.
18. Finally you have in plans to attack South American territories with your music, how did it born this idea and what are your expectations and feelings about this?

Well we got in touch with you Gorthaur. And you invited us over. We have always wanted to come to south America, we have heard how great it is with the fans also it looks like a beautiful country. I will stay a while longer and visit the Andes and do some climbing hopefully. So we are really looking forward to coming down there, and playing our brutal music and making new friends and meeting the south american fans. Tambien, Tengo muchas ganas de practicar mi espanol terrible!
19. Have you heard any Brutal Southamerican bands that are worth to be mentioned in your opinion?

Krisiun and I like the old Sepultura shit and sarcafgo of course. I notice a lot of Black metal from south America. Itís not something I listen to, I donít find it very brutal. Tell me some good bands I should check out?
20. One thing that differs SA and European Scenes is that crowd are rather extreme and crazy over here, I guess you had heard some stories about that?

We have heard rumours of the great South American nutcase fans, We are looking forward to witnessing it and experiencing it.
21. OK man, I would like to thank you for your time and help, Any final messages for fans or people who might be interested in checking out your album?

Yes you guys can buy it from us at abaddonincarnate@gmail.com or you can download it illegally from soulseek or some blog, we donít care really. Once the people hear it. Just donít buy bootleg. We are really looking forward to coming to your continent and playing some extreme brutal shows and meeting all the people down there. Saludos amigo y gracias por la entravista. 666




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